Spider-Man (2018), from Insomniac Games, was a game-changer for everyone's favourite web-slinging hero. It's spin-off, Miles Morales, also pleased both critics and fans with its gripping story and smooth gameplay.


Now that the sequel is almost among us, a lot of fans might be wondering if they can play it. While Miles Morales was billed as a launch title for the PS5, it also dropped on the PS4. Will Spider-Man 2 do the same, or will this be the first to only appear on current gen?

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Let's investigate.

Is Spider-Man 2 coming to PS4 at launch?

We regret to tell you that Spider-Man 2 is not coming to PS4 at launch.

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It's sad, but the PlayStation 5 is hardly a new console anymore, so it was only a matter of time before new games were created solely for new tech.

Why isn’t Spider-Man 2 coming to PS4? Developers explain

Before we pick up our torches and pitchforks, let's see what the developers themselves have said about this decision.

While not addressing the PlayStation 4 omission directly, they have said in a blog post here that they'll be " pushing the capabilities of the console" - meaning the PlayStation 5. It's fair to say that if the PS5 limits are being pushed, the game won't fare well on the almost decade-old PS4.

Will Spider-Man 2 ever come to Ps4 in future?

But this might not be the end of the story. Plenty of AAA PS5 games that require a lot of power dropped on the PS4 at a later date. Hogwarts Legacy eventually came out on the PS4, and this was a few months after its initial release on current gen consoles.

So it's certainly possible that Insomniac Games could start work on a version of Spider-Man 2 that doesn't require such a powerful machine. A scaled down version. Don't get your hopes up, but we'll update this very page if such new surfaces!

For now, though, it's worth being clear here: Insomniac has not announced any plans to bring Spider-Man 2 to PS4, so don't go expecting good news on this front. Let it be a surprise if it does happen!

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