Insomniac Games's Spider-Man 2, which released today, is a game with many things to discover.


Outside of the epic main story, there are side quests, crimes to solve and - of course - many upgrades and variations to the Spider-Man suit.

With this last aspect in mind, you might be wondering how to obtain the suit upgrades accessed from the main menu.

To get these new styles, you'll need certain resources. And these resources are usually a combination of City Tokens, Tech Parts and Rare Tech Parts.

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If you're wondering how to obtain each resource, fear not. We'll share a little guide for each one, listing the multiple ways to collect them. You'll have the Spidey-suit of your dreams in no time!

How to get City Tokens in Spider-Man 2

To collect City Tokens, you'll need to complete very specific side quests, so don't expect to find them down an alleyway after beating up a few thugs. We'll list the missions you'll need to get involved in down below.

  • Marko’s Memories - Gain a token by batting off a few sand people to reclaim Flint Marko’s lost memories.
  • Photo Opps - Embrace your inner photographer here! Peter Parker is known for his side job taking photos, so take a few snaps for the Daily Bugle of certain things in New York. This one's a pleasant way to spend an afternoon, and you get a City Token out of it.
  • Brooklyn Visions Requests - Give back to the community with this one. Complete tasks from Miles's old school for City Tokens.

How to get Tech Parts in Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man in a black Venom-inspired suit
Spider-Man 2. Insomniac Games

The Tech Parts for the suits are easier to collect than the City Tokens. They basically involve being a good citizen. You'll probably even earn a few by accident as you free roam between missions!

You can find them by doing the following:

  • By stopping regular street crimes - the ones that show up as red on your mini map.
  • Complete FNSM Requests - these are the side jobs that appear in the Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man app created by Miles's friend Ganke in the previous game.
  • Complete EMF Experiments - these are the tech-related tasks for the Emily-May Foundation.
  • Collect Spider-Bots - the adorable little coloured-in spidey robots dotted about the city.
  • Infiltrate Kraven's Hunter Blinds - these are the same sort of thing as Fisk's construction sites from the first game, but this time it's bases filled with Kraven’s goons.

How to get Rare Tech Parts in Spider-Man 2

A lot of the Rare Tech Parts can be found in the same ways as the regular ones - except, obviously, they're rarer. So if you keep up with the EMF Experiments and Hunter Blinds, they'll show up eventually.

There are a few extra things you can do, though, such as:

  • Prowler Stashes - these are a few puzzles dotted around by Miles's uncle, The Prowler himself from the previous game.
  • Unidentified Targets - for these, chase one of Kraven’s drones, capture its data and see who it was tracking.

And that's our best advice on finding all three resources! Once you have enough for your desired suit upgrade, head back to the suit menu and spend away!

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