This week’s guest on our One More Life gaming podcast is superhero superfan Will Preston, former comedian and current co-host of the Marvel Versus Marvel podcast.


On Marvel Versus Marvel, Will represents the newer type of superhero fan that hasn’t read all the decades' worth of comics. But when it comes to gaming, there’s no denying that Will is a proper expert.

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In today’s new episode of One More Life, Will joins Gaming Editor Rob Leane to talk about Insomniac’s Spider-Man 2, the hotly anticipated sequel to 2018’s Spider-Man and 2020’s Miles Morales, which launches this Friday (20th October).

Will also reminisces about the classic superhero games of yesteryear, giving an unexpected shout-out to a South Park title (and a couple of more predictable nods to some Batman classics), and he even shares some very surprising choices as his ideal gaming drink and snack.

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Since the podcast was recorded, we've now been able to finish playing the main story of Spider-Man 2, so you can check our Spider-Man 2 review for yourself.

Don't worry, we've not mentioned any of the big story spoilers in that review! We're sure that Spidey's latest outing is an adventure you'll want to discover for yourself.

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