If you haven't started Insomniac Games's Spider-Man 2 yet because you're waiting until you have the time, we respect that. It's far more satisfying to sink a few hours into this game in one go, rather than just twenty minutes a day. But how long is Spider-Man 2?


This is something you'll need to know as you prepare your gaming time. It'd be a travesty to get so close to the end, only to have to abandon it for a week.

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To help you out, we'll share what we know about the game's length. From the length of the story, to how long it takes to grab the platinum trophy.

How long is Spider-Man 2? Main story length

Spider-Man in a black Venom-inspired suit
Spider-Man 2. Insomniac Games

So, how long is the story on its own? Well, our reviewer took just 18 hours to finish the game without doing too much along the way.

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There are a few ways to shorten the game's length, such as the moments when we have to "patrol the city" in order to continue the story.

If you opt to bust a few street crimes here, rather than embark on a long side quest, you'll unlock more main missions a lot quicker.

How long would it take to get the Spider-Man 2 Platinum?

We've heard a few different accounts when it comes to grabbing to Platinum trophy for Spider-Man 2.

Some say 24 hours, but the website howlongtobeat.com has the completionist time down as 27 ½ Hours.

Of course, it's going to be different for everyone. If you like to spend time exploring the city, doing nothing but swinging, soaring and skimming along the Hudson River, then it'll probably take you a lot longer.

However, is this such a bad thing? All that matters is that you're having fun, and if you get more out of the game this way, what's wrong with that?

A lot of gamers might have an issue with the game's length. After all, it's not cheap, and there are plenty of other titles you could play for hundreds of hours. Well, Bryan Intihar, creative director at Insomniac, says that he feels "confident in saying that it's worth it."

He says that "Obviously, there's a certain level of, 'hey, someone's going to spend this much money on a game', so we want to give them the experience that's worth it... Our job is to make sure that you feel no matter how long it is, it's worth that money, it's worth that investment."

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