Hogwarts Legacy is stuffed full of side quests, minigames and magical things to do, with old-fashioned map quests such as the Rowland Oakes map one of the more surprising additions.


However, the Solved by the Bell quest stands out for being a musical map challenge, adding an extra layer of difficulty to the already obscure map puzzle formula.

So get your enchanted instruments ready - here's how to complete Solved by the Bell, which deceptively is not set in the Bell Tower.

How to get the Hogwarts Legacy Solved by the Bell quest

  • Travel to Henrietta's Hideaway, the most southern part of the map.
  • Enter and advance through the dungeon at the end of the market.
  • You'll have to fight your way through the Ashwinders and complete several puzzles.
  • The musical map will be on a table in the final room.

Hogwarts Legacy Solved by the Bell map solution

  • Travel to Clagmar Castle.
  • Enter the Clagmer Castle Vault behind the castle.
  • Defeat the level 20-30 Ashwinders.
  • Cast Revelio to locate the bells if you have not found them yet.
  • Hit the bells in the following order, starting with the top bell as number one: 85345124.

You'll then hear a rather familiar magical tune, and be rewarded for completing the quest with a Treasure-Seeker's Longcoat and 180XP.

For a visual guide or just to hear that catchy bell tune one last time, check out this video from LunarGamingGuides:

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