Those looking to see and do everything in Hogwarts Legacy will be playing for a long time - there are tonnes of side quests to complete alongside the main story missions, including the Hogwarts Legacy Rowland Oakes map quest.


The Rowland Oakes side quest is a lengthy one that has multiple stages and can only be started once you have reached a certain point in the RPG's story.

Fortunately for you, we know how to start the quest and how to complete it.

Once you're done with it, it might be worth trying to complete those pesky Merlin Trials, Herdonia Hall puzzles and, finally, get those annoying eye chests opened up.

Keep reading to find out how to start the Hogwarts Legacy Rowland Oakes quest, how to complete it and how to follow its map.

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How to start Hogwarts Legacy Rowland Oakes quest

To start the Rowland Oakes quest, you must first complete 'The Helm of Urtkot' mission in the main story. Hufflepuff student Adelaide Oakes will then be offering the quest in the Transfiguration courtyard.

Talking to Adelaide will begin the quest, as she will then reveal that her uncle Rowland is missing and ask you to search a camp where he was last seen. The camp will be automatically marked on your map, so all you need to do is travel there where you'll discover several hostile goblins.

After defeating all the goblins, cast Revelio to find Rowland's journal and map. The journal will be on the ground, with the map laying on a nearby crate.

Rowland's hand-drawn map shows several cryptic landmarks, including a river, a rock formation and a ruined castle. So the next step is to follow this intriguing map...

How to follow the Rowland Oakes map in Hogwarts Legacy

The handy video below shows you exactly where to go to follow the Rowland Oakes map:

The Rowland Oakes map may be a bit obscure, but it's luckily pointing towards a location not too far away.

Open your regular in-game map, look west of the camp where you just defeated the goblins and you should see a river leading up to a bandit castle in the North Hogwarts region.

Follow the river and you should soon pass the landmarks on the map, eventually arriving at the bandit castle which will also be occupied by goblins.

After defeating the goblins and looting the chests, take the ladder to the upper floor where you will find the entrance to Korrow Ruins behind a metal gate.

You'll then have to fight your way through the dungeon to find Rowland, who is helpfully highlighted by a quest marker on your minimap. He will be trapped behind a locked door and will ask you to find his wand.

To locate his wand, you'll have to head back to the upper floor of the dungeon to the room with a staircase on each side and a large metal door. There will be a large silver boiler in the room also. Cast Incendio or Confringo underneath it to light the fire and open the metal door.

Now it's boss fight time. You'll have to contend with boss Pergit and several other goblins. Once all enemies are defeated, you'll then be able to find Rowland's wand on a desk in the room to the right.

Reunite Rowland with his wand and voilà - the quest is complete! You'll be rewarded with a Handcrafted Necklace (and a rather long walk back out of the dungeon!).

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