Those looking to see and do everything the open-world RPG has to offer will need to complete the full list of Hogwarts Legacy Herodiana Hall puzzles.


These hidden puzzles can easily be missed when you're exploring Hogwarts, and take place at the bottom of the Defence Against the Dark Arts Tower.

Confusingly, however, you will need to go somewhere else first before you can start this side quest.

Once you've actually started the side quest, you'll then need to complete the puzzles to finish it! Fortunately for you, we know how to solve the puzzles.

Here is how to complete the Hogwarts Legacy Herodiana Hall puzzles quest - including how to start the side quest and how to complete the puzzles.

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How to start the Herodiana Hall quest in Hogwarts Legacy

To start the Hogwarts Legacy Herodiana Hall quest, you'll need to head to the Charms Classroom and speak to Sophronia Franklin.

You'll find the Charms Classroom in the Astronomy Wing in Hogwarts. It is used early into the game, so you should be able to find it again easily.

Once you've accepted the quest, then you can go ahead and travel to the bottom floor of the Defence Against the Dark Arts Tower.

You'll need to cast Depulso on the door once you get there, but once you're through the puzzles will begin!

How to solve all Hogwarts Legacy Herodiana Hall puzzles

As soon as you begin the first puzzle, you should see that it's a simple case of using both Depulso and Accio to push and pull the blocks respectively. Hopefully you have these spells!

Puzzle 1

The first puzzle is pretty much a tutorial. Simply Depulso the two blocks against the far wall, and use them to climb the wall and proceed.

Puzzle 2

The second puzzle is a bit harder, but follow these steps and you'll do it in a few seconds:

  • Depulso the one movable block top to move it forward.
  • Accio the two against the opposite wall to build the structure.
  • Depulso the whole thing to the end, then to the right, and you should be able to climb it!

Note: if you get stuck at any point, with any of these three puzzles, we can vouch for the video below!

Puzzle 3

This is easily the hardest one (which makes sense), but hopefully these steps will help.

  • Accio the single movable block to the far wall.
  • Depulso it towards the switch (this cuboid switch resets the whole thing, so use it if you mess up the steps).
  • Accio the movable block to the north wall. Climb up onto it and jump across.
  • Once you're here, you'll actually need to use the switch to reset the blocks (shoot that floating cube with your basic cast).
  • Now that the blocks are reset, Accio the block to the far wall, and then again to the side wall with the blocks you're already on. You should be able to jump across to the other side now. Job done!

Again, we'd recommend consulting the video above if you need to. This is all very visual stuff!

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