Landing platforms are just another thing to find in Hogwarts Legacy. Finding and landing on them all will complete a challenge and unlock the Quidditch set for you. There is a lot to be getting on with in the open world game aside from completing its story missions.


There are 20 landing platforms to locate and land on before you can complete the challenge. They are scattered throughout the map and you’ll be sure to find at least one in most of the major regions - just make sure you land on them all while flying on a broom or riding a magical creature. This is the only way to land on each platform and complete the task.

If you’re keen on succeeding in this quest and unlocking the Quidditch gear, it’s best to read on below where you’ll discover the Hogwarts Legacy landing platforms locations and where to find them.

Where to find every Hogwarts Legacy Landing platforms location

If you take in information via video better, it’s definitely worth checking out HarryNinetyFour’s YouTube video of the Hogwarts Legacy landing platforms locations below:

And here is the complete written list of landing platforms in Hogwarts Legacy and where to find their locations. There are 20 in total:

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  • Clagmar Coast - Bottom-right hand corner of the region, on the cliffs by the sea
  • Cragcroftshire - Head south from the Cragcroft floo flames and you’ll spot the landing platform upon a tall island/rock formation in the sea
  • Feldcroft Region - In the north-east of the region, in the cliffs near the bandit camp
  • Feldcroft Region 2 - Head briefly west from the South Feldcroft floo flames
  • Feldcroft Region 3 - In the central eastern point of the region near the treasure vault and part of the ruins there
  • Feldcroft Region 4 - In the south-east of the region, next to the ruins nearby to the river to the south-west of the Irondale floo flames
  • Hogsmeade Valley - In the northern-most tip of the region, just to the left of the treasure vault
  • Hogsmeade Valley 2 - In the south of the region (head south from the East Hogsmeade Valley floo flames), nestled in cliffs close by to the paths
  • Hogwarts Valley - In the far-west region (literally above where the letter ‘G’ is on the map screen), the landing platform is in the ruins
  • Hogwarts Valley 2 - In the far-south of the region (the point on the right-hand-side, where the letter ‘G’ is in South Sea Bog on the map screen) it’s surrounded by mine tracks
  • Hogwarts Valley 3 - In the north-west of the region on the cliffs beside the Dugbog lair
  • Manor Cape - In the north-west of the region right beside a treasure vault behind the cliffs next to the ocean
  • Manor Cape 2 - Peninsula sticking out to the west (just underneath the ‘A’ in Manor Cape on the map screen), you’ll see it on its own small island out to sea
  • Marunweem Lake - On the tower on the end of the big bridge near to the floo flames for that area
  • Marunweem Lake 2 - In the east of the region, in the cliffs to the south of one floo flames and north of another. You should see a giant flag next to it so you can’t miss it
  • North Ford Bog - Head north from the floo flames by Pitt-upon-Ford
  • North Hogwarts Region - In the centre of the region, head left from the floo flames in the east. Beside a dilapidated house
  • North Hogwarts Region 2 - Head west from the first North Hogwarts Region landing platform (in the cliffs just beyond the butterfly on the map)
  • Poidsear Coast - The southernmost tip of the region, west of the Marunweem Ruins floo flames (you should see it on its own little island/peninsula
  • South Hogwarts Region - Head briefly south-east from the Aranshire floo flames and it’s there right next to the lair

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