You’ll spend a lot of your time in Hogwarts Legacy searching for treasure – and the Hogwarts Legacy cursed tomb treasure is one of the more difficult pieces to find. This treasure hunt will need to be completed if you’re after the full Treasure Seeker’s outfit set.


To begin your cursed tomb treasure hunt you will first need to have completed the main story mission: The Helm of Urtkot. Once done, you can find the Mysterious Map Fragment. This will require you to fight against a load of enemies and a boss character. You have been warned.

Once you have the Mysterious Map Fragment, you will be able to go and find its treasure. It’s worth noting that you will need to have learned Flipendo and Alohomora Level 3 in order to complete this quest.

To level up your Alohomora spell, you need to find the Demiguise Statues scattered across the map.

Read on for the full details on how to find the cursed tomb treasure in Hogwarts Legacy and how to use the Mysterious Map Fragment.

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How to find the Hogwarts Legacy cursed tomb treasure

To find the cursed tomb treasure in Hogwarts Legacy, you first need to find and pick up the Mysterious Map Fragment.

You will find the Mysterious Map Fragment and cursed tomb treasure quest marker near the West Manor Cape floo flames. Head up the cliffs just to the north east of the floo flames and go downstairs in the ruins of the old manor. You can also light a statue on the hill next to the manor to be transported inside the manor ruins basement.

Open the locked door with Level 3 Alohomora and head inside. Keep following the path further in and you’ll eventually end up in the room containing the chest. Powerful dark wizard Alisa Travers is waiting for you in the room just before the chest, so it’s probably best to deal with her first. She’s one of the game’s 21 infamous foes, allowing you to kill two birds with one stone, as it were.

Once you have opened the chest, you will have the Mysterious Map Fragment, which tells you where to go next. It shows you an ancient ruin of some kind. This is the Tomb of Treachery.

You should find the Tomb of Treachery in the far north-west point of the Poidsear Coast region (right underneath where it says ‘Coastal Cavern’ on the map screen). Fly through the waterfall and just beyond the standing stones (as shown in the map fragment) and you’ll find the Tomb you seek (plus a floo flame).

Check out HarryNinetyFour's YouTube video to see the location in action:

Now you’ve found it, head inside the Tomb of Treachery. Use a fire spell to burn down the spider’s web and continue forward. Now you’ll spot a locked butterfly puzzle door. You need to free all three butterflies and lead them to the door with Lumos. Follow these steps to do so:

  • Head to the right of the door to find two butterflies:
    • Butterfly one: Free from the spider’s web using a fire spell and use Lumos to lead to the locked door
    • Butterfly two: You should spot it on top of an object in the same room as the first. Use Lumos to lead it to the locked door
  • Butterfly three: The third butterfly is to the left of the door. Use a fire spell to free the block from the spider’s web. Cast Wingardium Leviosa and move the block to beneath the ledge and jump up there to find the butterfly. Again, cast Lumos to lead the butterfly to the locked door
  • Go through the door

Through that door you should spot three marked plates on the floor (as seen in the map fragment). Simply cast Flipendo on the correct three plates – the map shows you how it should look – in any order to make the cursed tomb treasure chest appear.

Open that chest to complete the quest and earn yourself a cool 180 XP and Treasure Seeker’s Attire.

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