As it is an open world game, there is plenty to be getting on with in Hogwarts Legacy. This includes finding and defeating all 21 of the Infamous Foes. These high-level enemies will cause you some bother, but you will need to defeat them if you’re looking for that coveted 100 per cent completion.


These notorious enemies will prove difficult to beat, for sure, but besting them in combat will be worth it to unlock some rare gear. Defeating all 21 of them will bag you the Avenging Raven mask.

Defeating them all should also work towards completing the relevant combat challenge and to unlock all collections (one of the many things that goes towards unlocking the Collector’s Edition achievement/trophy).

An icon of a skull will appear on your map as you get close to an Infamous Foe location, so be on the lookout as you’re exploring.

If you’re up for some legendary duels against the game’s toughest opponents, read on below to discover the Hogwarts Legacy Infamous Foes locations so you know exactly where to look for each of the baddest baddies the game has to offer.

Where are the Hogwarts Legacy Infamous Foes locations?

Check out ZaFrostPet's handy YouTube video below for all of the locations in video form if that's how you like to do these things:

If you're more of a written guide sort of person, the complete list of Hogwarts Legacy Infamous Foes locations is as follows, with 21 in total to find and defeat in battle:

  • Alexandra’s Troll - Should find during the ‘Troll Control’ side quest south of Brocburrow floo flames
  • Alisa Travers - Head north east from the West Manor Cape floo flames and down the stairs of the ruined manor house
  • Bardolph Beaumont’s Corpse - Should find during ‘Brother’s Keeper’ side quest (head south east from North Ford Bog Entrance floo flames)
  • Belgruff the Bludgeoner - Head into the castle just north of the Rookwood Castle floo flames
  • Catrin Haggarty - Should find during ‘The Lost Child’ side quest inside the Ashwinder Tent
  • Dunstan Trinity - Inside Henrietta’s Hideaway
  • Grodbik - Should find during the ‘Lodgok’s Loyalty’ main quest
  • Gwendolyn Zhou - Should find during Natty’s relationship quest ‘A Basis for Blackmail’ (Inside the Ashwinder Hideout in Hogsmeade)
  • Iona Morgan - Inside Poidsear Castle
  • Lord of the Manor - Found in the same location as Alisa Travers above
  • Ogbert the Odd - Head into the Coastal Caverns caves south of the North Poidsear Coast floo flames
  • Pergit - Can only be found during ‘The Tale of Rowland Oakes’ side quest (will be in the Korrow Ruins)
  • Quagmire Troll - Head east from the Northern South Sea Bog floo flames and slightly north across the river
  • Rampant Dugbog - Head south of the East North Ford Bog floo flames
  • Riparian Troll - Can be found in the Dale Family Tomb, head east from the Brocburrow floo flames
  • Silvanus Selwyn - Inside Clagmar Castle
  • Tempeste Thorne - Head east from the Falbarton Castle floo flames
  • The Absconder - Should find during ‘The Absconder Encounter' side quest (inside The Absconder’s Cave)
  • The Grim - Head south from the West Hogwarts floo flames and into the cave south of the waterfall
  • The Insatiable Spider - Can only be found during the ‘Tangled Web’ side quest
  • The White Wolf - You’ll find the White Wolf in the same location as The Grim above

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