Apple AirTags release date, price, leaks and news ahead of Apple Event 2020

You'll never lose your keys again!

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apple airtags

It’s finally happening – the iPhone 12 will be released unto this world, and Apple fans everywhere can rest easy following months of speculation and delays.


While we hoped that the iPhone 12 launch event would bring us some brand new and awfully useful hardware in the form of the AirTags, this didn’t happen.

Instead, we saw the announcement of the new iPhone 12 devices and the HomePod Mini smart speaker.

Building on the Air brand following AirPods and the iPad Air 4, AirTags are clippable trackers that mean you’ll never have to hunt for your lost wallet or keys again – see below for price, release date, and more.

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When is the Apple AirTags release date?

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When news first broke that Apple was developing the AirTags, many expected them to launch alongside the latest iteration of the iPhone, which has recently been unveiled after months of delays. However, this wasn’t the case and we’re still waiting for more news on when these may appear.

During the last two Apple events on 15th September and 13th October (which is coincidentally also Amazon Prime Day), we were all invited to be there at Apple Park, virtually of course. This event saw the unveiling of the iPad 8 and iPad Air 4 as well as the Apple Watch Series 6 and SE edition and the iPhone 12.

What are Apple AirTags?

AirTags are essentially Apple’s version of Tile trackers – they’re tags that you can clip onto a valuable, e.g. your wallet or keys, and then the items can be tracked on an iOS app.

You can receive a notification if your valuable leaves a set ‘safe area’, and can find it using the ‘Find My’ app, by setting the AirTag to chime loudly or scanning the room with your camera, with a virtual ballon appearing over your tagged item.

The big difference to existing trackers is that AirTags make use of a U1 Ultra Wideband sensor rather than BlueTooth, meaning greater accuracy, better security, and less power consumption.

AirTags are also a fair bit smaller than existing tracking devices, and can also make use of other iPhones to find out of range items in ‘Lost Mode’.

How do Apple AirTags work?

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Rivalling the Tile Pro by being a much sleeker design and a lot smaller, they will attach to any item you want to keep track of and will work via the Find My app that allows Apple users to keep tabs on friends, phones, and a wide variety of Apple products.

But while other brands have opted to use Bluetooth for their tracking ability, Apple has decided to go with the U1 Ultra Wideband sensor. In short, that will make it a far more powerful and effective tracking device and should ensure that it leads the way against its competitors.


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