OK Go won’t let you down with their latest awesome music video

The US band have pulled off another music video wonder featuring drones, mini-scooters and hundreds of umbrella-wielding Japanese schoolgirls

A drone camera, electric scooters, hundreds of dancers and some eye-popping umbrella choreography: OK Go’s latest music video will not let you down.


The American four-piece are famous for their ambitious music videos, and their latest display for single I Won’t Let You Down raises the bar yet again.

The video begins in a Japanese warehouse with the band whizzing around on mini motorised electric scooters, before rolling outside to be joined by first dozens and then hundreds of umbrella-wielding Japanese schoolgirls.

The camera then takes flight on a “multi-copter” drone, all while still appearing to be filmed as a single take. According to Billboard, the director Morihiro Harano says it took “50 to 60 tries to get it right.”


So how was it done? Well, we’re sure the band will start to fill in the gaps as the video takes off, but we already know what some of the cool gadgets featured in the video are.

The scooters, for instance, are made by Honda and are called the UNI-CUB, described by the company as a “personal mobility device”. Like a Segway, they’re controlled by shifting your weight.

As for the camera, the band used a “multi-copter camera rig” to film inside, outside and above the abandoned warehouse. The video was recorded in double time to create the jittery, accelerated effect. The image below was released on OK Go’s Facebook page, revealing what was behind the camera.

The video is the latest to be released, and follows this summer’s visual mind bender The Writing’s on the Wall.


The band’s visual ambition began in 2006, when they recorded their first music video, an elaborate treadmill dance routine, for the single Here It Goes again.