Video games are good for kids*

*In small doses, sort of, not really

See Mum! I told you!


A new study by Oxford University suggests that playing video games can make children better adjusted.

In a survey of 5,000 British 10 to 15 year olds, children who spent less than an hour a day playing games were more likely to be satisfied with their lives than their non-video game playing friends. Experimental psychologist Dr Andrew Przybylski found they were also less hyperactive, had a more positive social life and fewer emotional issues. So there.

Speaking to the BBC, Dr Przybylski said: “Being engaged in video games may give children a common language. And for someone who is not part of this conversation, this might end up cutting the young person off.”

Three quarters of the respondents said they played video games every day. While small play sessions were linked to positive effects, children who spent more than three hours gaming were found to be the least well adjusted of all.


Ah. Well, I’m still not going outside to play. You can’t make me.