Netflix knows you’re sharing your account details…

...And they don't mind! In fact, they want to make your life easier by introducing user profiles

Those clever folks over at Netflix know what you’re up to. They know you’re sharing your log-in details. Don’t pretend you’re not…


But it’s OK. In fact, the VOD providers are about to make your life a whole lot easier.

Your Netflix recommendations will no longer be marred by your housemate’s love for cheesy comedies or your boyfriend’s not so secret obsession with teenage vampires. The on-demand site are now wheeling out user profiles, so you can share your account, without sullying your personal recommendations.

Currently Netflix’s recommendation system is based on everything that has been watched on your account, but now each account will support five profiles for no additional cost, meaning your recommendations are really YOUR recommendations.


The new profiles will take a while to roll out onto all Netflix accounts.