Viral videos of the week: Breaking Bad, Obama, Iron Man 3, The Matrix

The finest five internet clips of the last seven days, in a special presentation basket

1. Bricking bad
Expect a Lego-styled Breaking Bad video game within the year – nobody was going to do one, but now everyone’s seen this ludicrously good animation by Brian Anderson, demand will be overwhelming.


Mild spoilers if you haven’t seen seasons 1-4.

2. Less confusing than that third Matrix movie
A lovely, gentle Mom watches The Matrix, then recounts the plot in some detail to her video-maker son.

This film has what’s known as a Third Act problem, but it’s brilliant before that. 

3. Iron Man and friends
Home-made remakes of the Iron Man 3 trailer have become a thing, but this Thai one wins.

The unexpected twist here: that’s the real Gwyneth Paltrow. Very sporting of her. 

4. Barack-tor
Daniel Day-Lewis can transform into anyone, but his Barack Obama impression here is uncanny. It’s got the fearsome accuracy of a drone strike.

This is an officially sanctioned White House sketch. More short-form comedy please, global superpowers! 

5. Balancing act
To Spanish talent show Tú sí que vales (“You Really Are Worth” – thanks, Google Translate!) for seven captivating minutes of stick-balancing by circus/performance artist Miyoko Shida Rigolo. She’s been doing this trick for a while (and wasn’t the first), but still has the judges on the edge of an embolism.


The big finish, of course, is what she does with the stick left over.