Viral videos of the week: Huey Lewis, Game of Thrones and Prince William

Huey Lewis goes psycho, Game of Thrones goes James Brown and Prince William goes red...

1. It’s hip to be self-aware
Remember the hilarious scene in American Psycho where Patrick Bateman sounds off about his love for Huey Lewis and the News? Fore! and Sports, that is, not the early stuff, which was a little too new-wave for his tastes. Then he kills someone with an axe. No? Well you can re-live it here (warning: contains swearing. And a grisly axe murder) ahead of this fine meta-spoof by Huey Lewis himself.


Scientists have studied this clip in detail and said, “We don’t know how this works. It just does.”

3. James of Thrones
What goes on in the minds of people who conceive these “mash-ups” all the kids are listening to now? How can you listen to one song and think, oh, the vocals from a completely different one would fit over that? It’s disturbing witchcraft at the best of times, but this is ridiculous.

Yes, someone watched the opening titles of Radio Times Audience Award nominee Game of Thrones and said, I bet I could overlay James Brown singing It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World here. And they were right.

4. Pity the fool
Some of you may think anyone perpetrating an April Fools’ gag should be quite forcefully arrested by armed police. If so you’ll like this, a news report of events in Kingsport, Tennessee.

Best line: “The response was excellent.”

5. William of Orange…y-pink with embarrassment
Whether or not to go past a hand-shake and dive in for a kiss on the cheek with a stranger is an eternally fraught social conundrum. It turns out to be so even if you get explicit approval beforehand, the other party is a child, and you’re a top celeb with an even more famous wife. Some comfort for us all there.

This was on rolling news all day yesterday in the office and got funnier on each of the 468 times we saw it.