Love Island cast 2020 – all the contestants including the newbies looking for love

Love Island 2020 is underway and we have everything you need to know about the current cast

Love Island Winter 2020 line-up (ITV)

As the drama in Love Island continues to sizzle in the new villa in Cape Town, South Africa, it can be hard to keep up to date with all the cast changes.


While the current contestants battle for the prize money of £50,000, we have everything you need to know about the hopeful islanders, who they’re coupled up with and what they’ve been up to in the villa.

Here’s what you need to know about Love Island’s 2020 line-up.

Who is in the Winter Love Island 2020 cast?

Jamie Clayton

Love Island Jamie Clayton

Age: 28

Job: Recruitment consultant

From: Edinburgh

Instagram: @jamieclayton9

Jamie arrived unexpectedly and immediately set his eyes on Shaughna. But will he find the love of his life in the villa?

Jade Affleck – DUMPED

Jade Affleck Love Island

***Casa Amor Bombshell***

Age: 25

Job: Sales professional

From: Yarm

Instagram: @jadeaffleck

Priscilla Anyabu

Priscilla Anyabu Love Island

***Casa Amor Bombshell***

Age: 25

Job: Model and operations manager

From: Battersea

Coupled up with: Mike

Instagram: @priscillaanyabu_

The 25-year-old model managed to win over the villa’s lothario, Mike Boateng, who dubbed her “wifey material” after just a couple of days of meeting.

So, will Priscilla be the girl to finally tame him?

Jamie McCann – DUMPED

Jamie McCann Love Island

***Casa Amor Bombshell***

Age: 24

Job: Eyelash technician

From: North Ayrshire

Instagram: @jamielouux

Molly Smith

Molly Smith Love Island

***Casa Amor Bombshell***

Age: 25

Job: Model

From: Manchester

Coupled up with: Callum

Instagram: @mollysmith19

The 25-year-old model managed to turn Callum’s head, despite the fact that he was coupled up with Shaughna at the time.

But how will she find living in a villa with Callum and his heartbroken ex?

Eva Zapico – DUMPED

Eva Zapico Love Island

***Casa Amor Bombshell***

Age: 21

Job: Recruitment consultant

From: Bromley

Coupled up with: Nas

Instagram: @evazapico

“Funny, sassy and confident,” as she describes herself, Eva quickly formed a bond with Nas. So much so, he dumped Demi for her and took her back to the Main Villa.

But, are they the real deal? Only time will tell…

Natalia Zoppa

Natalia Zoppa love island

***Casa Amor Bombshell***

Age: 20

Job: Student and club promoter

From: Manchester

Couple up with: Luke M

Instagram: @nataliazoppa

Biggs Chris – DUMPED

Biggs Chris Love Island

***Casa Amor Bombshell***

Age: 27

Job: Car body repair specialist

From: Glasgow

Instagram: @biggschrisx

George Day – DUMPED

George Day Love Island

***Casa Amor Bombshell***

Age: 27

Job: Estate agent

From: Southampton

Alexi Eraclides – DUMPED

Alexi Eraclides Love Island

***Casa Amor Bombshell***

Age: 23

Job: Butler in the buff

From: Essex

Instagram: @alexieraclides

Josh Kempton – DUMPED

Josh Kempton Love Island

***Casa Amor Bombshell***

Age: 21

Job: Model

From: Surrey

Instagram: @joshuakempton

Ched Uzor

Ched Uzor Love Island

***Casa Amor Bombshell***

Age: 23

Job: Scaffolder

From: Suffolk

Coupled up with:  Jess

Instagram: @ched.uzor

Ched says he’s looking for an “ambitious and driven” woman who his mum likes, and it seems to have found her in Jess….

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Jordan Waobikeze – DUMPED

Jordan Waobikeze Love Island

***Casa Amor Bombshell***

Age: 24

Job: Administrator

From: London

Coupled up with: Rebecca

Instagram: @jordanwaobikeze

The hunky administrator instantly caught Rebecca’s eye, leading her to pick him at the recoupling.

She even joked that she’d eat avocado if he gave it to her, after kicking up such a fuss when her former partner Wallace made it for her breakfast.

Sounds like love to us!

Demi Jones

Love Island Demi

Demi Jones Key facts

Age: 21

Job: Style advisor at a boutique

Instagram: @demijones1

Coupled with: Single since Nas recoupled

Read more about Demi here.

Wallace Wilson – DUMPED

Love Island Wallace

Wallace Wilson Key Facts

Age: 24

Job: Personal trainer

Instagram: @wallacewilson1

Coupled up with: Rebecca, before being dumped.

Sadly, Wallace didn’t mange to find love on the Island, as the other contestants chose to save Rebecca over him in a shock dumping.

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Luke Trotman

Love Island 2020 cast Luke Trotman

Age: 22

Job: Semi-pro footballer and student

Instagram: @luketroytrotman

Coupled up with: Siannise

The son of a former X Factor contestant, Luke T is after “an intelligent girl, with a bit about her” –  could Siannise  be that girl for him?

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Luke Mabbott

Love Island 2020 cast Luke Mabbott

Age: 24

Job: Heating engineer

Instagram: @lukemabbott

Twitter: @MabbottLuke

Coupled up with: Natalia

Justin Bieber “lookalike” Luke didn’t get off to the best start in the villa, as his initial partner Jess admitted she wasn’t feeling it.

Nevertheless, sparks flew when he met Natalia at Casa Amor and decided to couple up with her.

Could it be second time lucky for Luke?

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Rebecca Gormley – DUMPED

Love Island 2020 cast Rebecca Gormley

Age: 21

Job: Part-time model and carer

Instagram: @rebeccagormleyx

Coupled up with: Jordan

Miss Newcastle 2018, Rebecca, caused a stir when she went after coupled-up men. However, she wasn’t so lucky in love, as she struggled to make things work with three islanders , before finally coupling up with Jordan after the return of Casa Amor.

Has she finally found her happily ever after?

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Finley Tapp

Love Island 2020 cast Finley Tapp

Age: 20

Job: Footballer

Instagram: @finn_tapp

Coupled up with: Paige

Footballer Finley has built a special bond with Paige Turley,  which managed to stand the test of time and distance as Casa Amor returned. Can they make it to the prize money?

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Siannise Fudge

Love Island 2020 cast Siannise Fudge

Age: 25

Job: Beauty consultant

Instagram: @siannisefudge

Coupled up with: Luke T

Siânnise is self-confessed “normal” girl from Bristol but already she’s become the meme queen after several of her scenes have caused a Twitter storm – can she use her humour to have a relationship full of laughter with Luke?

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Jess Gale

Love Island 2020 cast Jess Gale

Age: 20

Job: Student and VIP hostess

Instagram: @jessicarosegale

Coupled up with: Ched

Jess entered the Love Island villa with sister Eve, the duo becoming the first female twins to enter the Love Island villa.

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Shaughna Phillips

Love Island 2020 cast Shaughna Phillips

Age: 25

Job: Democratic services officer

Instagram: @shaughnaphillips

Coupled up with: Single since Callum recoupled

Shaughna – who plans a career in politics after Love Island – has become the fan-favourite after her witty one-liners and turbulent love life with Callum Jones.

But will she be able to find happiness again in the villa after Callum recoupled in Casa Amor?

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Sophie Piper – DUMPED

Love Island 2020 cast Sophie Piper

Age: 21

Job: Medical PA

Instagram: @sophpiper_

Coupled up with: Mike, before being dumped

She’s the little sister of Rochelle Humes who has her own ambitions when Love Island is finished.

Sophie initially coupled up with Connor Durman, however, once he was dumped from the Island she got into a friendship couple with Mike.

It wasn’t enough to save her, however, as she and Mike were voted as one of the least compatible couples, and when the islanders had to pick between them in a shock twist, Sophie was sent packing.

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Paige Turley

Love Island 2020 cast Paige Turley

Age: 22

Job: Singer

Instagram: @turley_paige

Coupled up with: Finley

Paige, who describes herself as “loud, boisterous and fun”, once dated Lewis Capaldi and has had her own taste of limelight when she appeared on Britain’s Got Talent when she was younger. She was initially coupled up with Ollie Williams before he left the villa, and she is now getting on well with Finley Tapp, who stayed true to her after Casa Amor. Could they be the couple to go all the way?

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Mike Boateng

Love Island 2020 cast Mike Boateng

Age: 24

Job: Police officer

Instagram: @michaelboateng01

Coupled up with: Priscilla

Mike has showbiz in his bones as he used to be a former footballer and his brother was on The Apprentice in 2016.

He’s also quite the lady’s man, cracking on with a total of four girls since he entered the villa.

But has Mike finally found his “wife” in Priscilla or he is “playing a game” as some have suspected?

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Callum Jones

Love Island 2020 cast Callum Jones

Age: 23

Job: Scaffolder

Instagram: @_callum_jones

Coupled up with: Molly

He’s a cheeky chap who will get the girls’ attentions with his builders’ banter. He initially won over Shaughna Phillips, however, jumped ship when he met Molly Smith at Casa Amor.

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Nas Majeed – DUMPED

Love Island 2020 cast Nas Majeed

Age: 23

Job: Sports science graduate and builder

Instagram: @nas_jm

Coupled up with: Eva

Nas thinks he’s “different” to other islanders and he’s looking for a “cute and funny” girl to take home with him.

His lack of “game” put him in the friend-zone, but he managed to find a romantic connection with Demi Jones, before dumping her for Eva at Casa Amor.

So has Nas finally found the one?  And what will become of him and poor Demi now?

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Leanne Amaning – DUMPED

Love Island Leanne

Leanne Amaning – Key Facts

Age: 22

Job: Customer service advisor

Instagram: @leanneamaning

Coupled up with: Mike, before being dumped

Fiery Leanne – who once competed in Miss Ghana UK – has become Twitter’s sweetheart after forming a relationship with Mike. But when she dramatically dumped him, she found he wouldn’t be there to save her from elimination and she was kicked out of the villa in dramatic fashion.

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Connor Durman – DUMPED

Love Island Connor

Connor Durman – Key Facts

Age: 25

From: Brighton

Occupation: Coffee bean salesman

Instagram: @connordurman

Coupled up with: Sophie – before dumping

Connor has found something special with Sophie Piper, but can they go the distance?

Read more about Connor here.

Connagh Howard – DUMPED


Connagh Howard – Key Facts

Age: 27

Job: Model

Instagram: @connagh92

Coupled up with: Sophie – until recoupling

Model Connagh thought he’d found something special in Sophie Piper but her heart was elsewhere. Now he seems set on Rebecca Gormley, despite having Siannise Fudge chase him. However, in a tense recoupling, Connagh With A G was dumped when Rebecca went off with Luke T.

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Eve Gale – DUMPED

Love Island 2020 cast Eve Gale

Eve Gale – Key Facts

Age: 20

Job: Student and VIP hostess

Instagram: @evegale

Eve was one of the first bombshells to enter the villa, strutting onto the show with identical twin Jess. However, the sisters were soon split apart when Eve was dumped from the island following a week one recoupling.

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Ollie Williams – QUIT

Love Island 2020 cast Ollie Williams

Ollie Williams – Key Facts

Age: 23

Job: Heir to the Lanhydrock Estate

Instagram: @olliesjwilliams

Coupled up with: Paige, before exit

Aristocratic Ollie comes from a prolific family and isn’t afraid to tell girls about his background. However, on day three, Ollie left the villa, saying he had “feelings” for another girl outside of Love Island.

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