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Seeing double? How will Winter Love Island 2020 deal with twins?

Winter Love Island will make history for a number of reasons when it starts this Sunday

Published: Monday, 6th January 2020 at 10:00 pm

Winter Love Island is just around the corner and while the temperatures in the United Kingdom are freezing, the new ITV2 series is sure to be sizzling hot.


It's the first time since the show launched back in 2015 there's been a non-summer version and while many might have thought the rules would be the same, it seems there are even more twists in store for fans.

This time around, a set of twins will be introduced in the South African villa but how will the dynamics work?

Eve and Jess Gale are both students and VIP hostesses from London and will soon arrive on ITV2 screens.

The pair appear to be coming as one contestant, something which has never been done before, on account of their joint promotional pictures.

However, ITV has confirmed to Eve and Jess will be treated as individuals once they're in the villa.

That means they will both be competing for the love of their life and if they don't manage to find him, they can be dumped at any time; they don't have to leave together.

And in a cruel twist of fate, it seems they are both after the same type of man: Anthony Joshua.

Speaking about their types before entering the villa, Eve said: "I want someone who is fun and confident, not shy. Quite 'alpha male'. And I like a guy who is switched on."

Jess explained her ideal man, adding: "Someone who is confident, not cocky. Self-assured, kind and respectful and on the same intelligence level as me."

With no male twins set to enter Winter Love Island just yet, could there be some sister squabbles on the horizon?

Probably not, considering they claim to have the "ultimate girl code" with each other.

Speaking about their loyalty to each other, Eve explained: "With Jess, I have the ultimate girl code. If someone upset her, I'd never speak to them again."

Thankfully, Jess is on the same page, adding: "For every single girl, whether you know them or not, be kind, considerate and understanding. For your closest friends it's stepped up. And with Eve, it's stepped up even more by 1000%. If there's a guy that's upset Eve, he's cancelled in my books."


Love Island returns to ITV2 on Sunday 12th January 2020


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