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Siannise Fudge’s horrified face over Rebecca Gormley’s entrance becomes the best Love Island meme

The Love Island star was stunned into silence when new girl Rebecca sashayed into the villa

Siannise Love Island (ITV)
Published: Tuesday, 21st January 2020 at 1:02 pm

Love Island 2020 has seen its first exit, first dumping and now its first (and best) meme.


After the sexy Dirty Dancers challenge saw the girls of the villa try and get the boys’ hearts racing, a sudden curveball was thrown in at the end of the episode – seeing new girl Rebecca have her pick of the boys.

The beauty queen from Newcastle was not short of confidence as she strutted her way into the villa in a Greek Goddess ensemble.

Her entrance certainly came as a surprise, with Mike, Callum and Connor all left stunned as Rebecca strutted in and shook her stuff.

The girls watched from the balcony in a mixture of shock, surprise and anger as they tried to welcome the new arrival with some half-hearted clapping.

However, Siânnise seems to have taken the limelight by becoming an internet sensation, viewers have leapt on the image labelling it her “death stare”.

The tactical zoom from the camera showing the 25-year old slowly clapping and staring into middle distance, as if she was possessed, has sparked a spectacular response from viewers.

Love Island was hotly anticipated and highly advertised, however it has come under fire for its awkward couples and stagnant stories. The show has seen a dip in viewing figures following its stand-out season in the summer of 2019.

Following the 3.7 million viewers peak last year, the first Winter edition saw only 2.39 million viewers tune in.

With new girl Rebecca now taking Callum and Connor on dates in the Hideaway, expect to see more death stares from all the girls later on tonight.


Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV


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