Robert is having a secret baby in Coronation Street – who is Vicky Jefferies?

The gobby single mum is back on the scene in a big way


Coronation Street‘s Robert Preston (Tristan Gemmill) is finally becoming a father, though it’s not his true love Michelle Connor (Kym Marsh) who’s expecting. His secret fling Vicky Jefferies (Kerri Quinn) discovered she was pregnant on Friday 14th June after being dumped by the deceitful chef mere minutes after ‘Chelle took him back!


Robert’s shifty behaviour was explained at last when viewers saw him sneak off to see sassy single mum Vicky, whose delinquent teenage son Tyler Jefferies (Will Barnett) was the father of the baby Amy Barlow aborted earlier this year, as well as being the ringleader of the dodgy gang who corrupted Simon Barlow.

It turns out the bistro boss has been conducting a clandestine relationship with volatile Vick behind everyone’s back, after things with Michelle collapsed months ago over their clash about having kids (he wanted them, she didn’t).

In Friday’s hour-long episode Robert was beside himself when Michelle begged for a second chance with a surprise romantic candlelit meal. He then scurried off to pay an unexpected visit to a thrilled Vicky, but their conversation revealed they’d been an item for a while – explaining Mr Preston’s prolonged absences that at one stage made him a suspect in the Underworld factory roof saboteur.

Coronation Street, Vicky Jefferies

Giving Vicky the old ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ speech Rob attempted to let her down gently by ending their relationship with a fib about wanting to focus on his business. Chucked out on his ear by the heartbroken Irishwoman he went scurrying back to Michelle, who he’d lied to about whether he’d met anyone else during their break – but the twist came when viewers saw weeping Vicky home alone staring at a Father’s Day card intended for Robert reading: “Congratulations – you’re going to be a Dad!”

Robert proposes to Michelle on Monday 17th June, but when will he find out about Vicky’s bombshell? Or will Vicky choose not to involve him in her child’s life after being so cruelly dumped?


When was Vicky Jefferies last in Coronation Street?

Vivacious Vicky first appeared in September 2018 as part of son Tyler’s teen crimewave plot, doing battle with the Barlows as Simon shopped the bad boy (who she refused to accept was in the wrong) to the cops. Peter Barlow unwisely gave her a job at the factory but her habit of fighting with her co-workers meant she didn’t last long.

In January 2019 she returned when Amy fell pregnant by Tyler and clashed with the girl’s parents Tracy Barlow and Steve McDonald. Early signs of a connection between Vicky and Robert came in March 2018 when Robert got tearaway Tyler a job with a mate in Macclesfield, after being forced to sack him from his job at the bistro following the Amy abortion furore.

Vicky has since cropped up as an unlucky client of ruthless loan shark Rick Neelan, crossing paths with Gary Windass who took pity on her when he was employed as a debt collector.

Considering her history of violent behaviour and penchant for stirring up trouble, don’t expect Robert’s happy ending with Michelle to last long – with Gemmill and Marsh’s Corrie exits looming, what part will pregnant Vicky have to play in their departures from Weatherfield?


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