Hollyoaks: Amy’s mum Kathy returns for her daughter’s funeral

Tensions mount as Amy is laid to rest next week


Hollyoaks prepares to say goodbye to Amy Barnes next week as the family gathers for her funeral – but the return of mum Kathy to the village is fraught with friction. 


Kathy arrives on Friday’s E4 first look episode, almost a decade since she was last on screen, and immediately clashes with ex-husband Mike and his lover Zoe Carpenter. Always on the edge of unhinged (this is the woman who hated someone so much she sent them dog faeces in the post), Kathy makes no secret of the fact she’s not prepared to make small talk with her former hubby’s younger woman.

Zoe tries to be nice only to have it thrown back in her face, and even when Zoe is being supportive to widowed Ryan, Kathy accuses Ms Carpenter of trying to seduce him.

On Monday’s E4 edition it’s the day of Amy’s funeral. The service is understandably difficult, but when Harry attempts to deliver an apology from Ste to the family on his behalf, crackers Kathy loses the plot and starts ranting about how she’s convinced Ste was the one who killed her daughter.

Unfortunately, little Leah and Lucas overhear the devastating claims and wonder if their grandmother is telling the truth: did daddy really murder mummy? Well, that’s the big question, isn’t it?


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm, and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.