When is Peaky Blinders season 6 on TV? What’s going to happen?

Cillian Murphy will return for another series as Birmingham gangster-turned-businessman-turned-politician Tommy Shelby.

Peaky Blinders V Ep 6

Peaky Blinders season five concluded with an exciting and open-ended finale that left fans craving much more, although sadly we might have quite a long time to wait.


Production on almost every major film and television series has been slowed down or halted altogether due to coronavirus, with Peaky Blinders season six among them.

If you’re missing the Brummie bad boys (and girls) and can’t wait for your next fix of gangster action, we’ve collated all the latest information on the new series for you.

Keep reading to find out what’s happening next…

When is Peaky Blinders back on the TV for season 6?

It had been hoped that Peaky Blinders would be back on our screens by the end of the year with season six, however this is now looking highly unlikely.

The new episodes are written and had gone into pre-production prior to the pandemic taking hold, but the decision was made to postpone filming in accordance with social distancing guidelines.

Still, fans can rest assured that new episodes are on the way and will go back into production as soon as it is safe for them to do so.

Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight began writing series six in July 2019 and by the end of the year he revealed that the new scripts were complete.

He told the BBC in December: “I’ve just finished writing series six and it’s the best yet, but we always say that.”

The following month, series director Anthony Byrne confirmed on Instagram that the series had gone into pre-production.

In March 2020, the BBC confirmed that filming on Peaky Blinders had been postponed to an unspecified date, due to the escalating coronavirus crisis.

As a result, the series is now more likely to return in 2021 at the earliest, as there is uncertainty over how long the virus will be causing disruption and when we can expect lockdown to lift.


What will happen in Peaky Blinders series 6?

Details have yet to emerge, but the series five finale certainly left us with many questions!

Chief among them is what will Tommy Shelby do next? Is this the end of his campaign to bring Oswald Mosley down from the inside? What will be the fallout? Will Tommy stand openly against the fascist leader?

Peaky Blinders V Ep 6

Will Finn take responsibility for leaking details of the plan to assassinate Oswald Mosley? What will happen to Billy Grade (Emmett J Scanlan)? What will Arthur do now he’s lost Linda? Is Polly really finished with Shelby Company Ltd, and how will she react to the death of her fiancé Aberama Gold?

Right now, we can only speculate on the answers to these questions, as the plot to series six will be kept tightly under wraps until closer to its premiere.

What we do know is that the Peaky Blinders set has had a revamp, after director Anthony Byrne revealed the Garrison pub has been redesigned with a new black and gold colour scheme – the significance of which will apparently become clear…

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A note from our director @antobyrne75: Hello to all you Peaky’s out there. As all the pubs are shut and you are all hopefully staying at home and washing your hands. I wanted to share something with you all. Here is a sneak peek at the new Garrison pub. I want to point out that it was almost finished and is lit in these images by work lights and not by our amazing cinematographer, Mathieu Plainfosse. This is the back bar of the Garrison Pub. I didn’t want to change the front bar too much for story reasons that I can’t go in to, but I wanted to change the back bar and in discussions with Nicole Northridge, our amazing Production Designer who I worked with on S5, we wanted to make it very dark and use black and gold in the colour scheme. Black and Gold are two colours that run thematically through S6 and I wanted to layer them anywhere I could that made sense to the locations or the characters who would be in those locations. As to the significance and themes that black and gold represent, well… you’ll just have to wait and see. But I was really happy with the way the set looked at this point and we spent a lot of time on the wallpaper, the embossed filigree and getting the right tone of the gold and the black. Tell us all what you think. Stay safe and healthy. By order of…

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“This is the back bar of the Garrison Pub. I didn’t want to change the front bar too much for story reasons that I can’t go in to,” he teased in a post on the show’s official Instagram feed. “As to the significance and themes that black and gold represent, well… you’ll just have to wait and see.”

Who is in the cast for season 6?

Casting has yet to be confirmed for the next season, but you can be sure that Cillian Murphy will return in the role of Tommy Shelby, for which he has received widespread critical acclaim.

The show’s other main cast members are also likely to return, including Paul Anderson (Arthur Shelby), Harry Kirton (Finn Shelby) and Sophie Rundle (Ada Thorne).

Despite Aunt Polly’s resignation from the company, we’d be surprised if Helen McCrory didn’t also reprise her role. In addition, we might expect to see Tommy’s second wife Lizzie Shelby (Natasha O’Keeffe), even though she wasn’t his biggest fan at the end of series five.

But has Arthur’s wife Linda Shelby (Kate Phillips) gone for good? And has Gina Gray (Anya Taylor-Joy) persuaded Michael Gray (Finn Cole) to strike out on his own?

Peaky Blinders

Charlie Murphy (trade union leader Jessie Eden), Ned Dennehy (Uncle Charlie), Ian Peck (Curly), Packy Lee (Johnny Dogs) and Benjamin Zephaniah (street preacher Jeremiah Jesus) also seem likely to return in series six.

Sam Claflin may reappear as fascist politician Oswald Mosley, though after the chaos of the series finale, his relationship with Tommy will have changed significantly. And will Brian Gleeson return as Billy Boys leader Jimmy McCavern?

The reappearance of Alfie Solomons (Tom Hardy) also raises the possibility of a comeback for his character in series six, possibly depending on Hardy’s availability as one of Hollywood’s most in-demand talents…

Is season 6 the last series of Peaky Blinders?

Where is Peaky Blinders series 5 filmed

If all goes to plan, fans can expect a sixth and seventh series of Peaky Blinders – as suggested by writer Steven Knight after the programme won a BAFTA for Best Drama Series.

“My ambition is to make it a story of a family between two wars,” he explained. “So I’ve wanted to end it with the first air raid siren in Birmingham in 1939. It’ll take three more series to reach that point.”

That means series six and seven will need to cover the 1930s all the way up to 1939.

But even after series seven, that may not be the last we see of Peaky Blinders.

Knight previously raised the idea of a World War Two spin-off series, and there have long been rumours of a Peaky Blinders feature film.