Martin Freeman is caught in the zombie apocalypse in new trailer for thriller Cargo

The film is produced by the people behind harrowing Aussie horror The Babadook

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A new trailer for upcoming thriller Cargo has been released, which sees Martin Freeman stepping out of his comfort zone as a father fighting for his life in the zombie apocalypse.


The clip sees the Sherlock star attempting to protect his young daughter from harm after his wife becomes infected with a mysterious disease which turns people into a flesh-eating monsters 48-hours after first contact. Check it out below.

Cargo is a post-apocalyptic Australian film based upon Yolanda Ramke and Ben Hayes’ short film of the same name from 2013. It sees Freeman attempting to safeguard his infant’s life after he becomes infected with the disease, knowing that he only has 48 hours to get her to another family who may be able to take care of her once he is gone.

The film is produced by the people behind brilliant and harrowing Aussie horror The Babadook.

You can watch the original short film below, but be warned: it may ruin the new film for you. And, it doesn’t feature Martin Freeman. Your call, though.


Cargo will be released in UK cinemas on Thursday May 17th