Did you spot all the X-Men references in the Deadpool 2 trailer?

Our favourite anti-hero is back and he's brought lots of nods to the X-Men with him...

Ryan Reynolds sits in Professor X's wheelchair in the Deadpool 2 trailer

Ryan Reynolds’ returns to cinema screens as Deadpool this May and the latest trailer for the sequel hints that we’ll see plenty of X-Men references and Easter eggs popping up throughout the film.


The new Deadpool 2 trailer is jam-packed with nods to Charles Xavier’s marvellous mutants, with trips to the mansion, the X-Jet, and Professor X’s famous wheelchair all making appearances.

Did you spot them all? And do you think that dark suit Deadpool sports at one stage could be his famous grey ensemble from the comics?

And the X-Men references weren’t the only great nods peppered throughout the sneak peek. Reynolds’ joke about his wife Blake Lively’s film, Sisterhood of The Travelling Pants, is also perfectly pitched.


Deadpool 2 is released in UK cinemas on 15th May. Looking for something to watch? X-Men movies in order or check out our TV Guide.