Kim Woodburn removed from Celebrity Big Brother house by security after huge argument

A massive bust-up between Woodburn, Nicola McLean and Jamie O'Hara saw security called in


All hell broke loose in the Big Brother house last night as a TV cleaner exchanged angry insults with an ex-footballer in a towel.


A fuming Kim Woodburn was escorted out of the house by security after a bust-up that began with her rounding on a group of girls in the house – including Nicole McLean, who later stormed into the Diary Room demanding to leave the show – and ended with her trading verbal abuse with former footie star Jamie O’Hara.

The argument never looked like getting physical, although another member of security did step in between Jamie and Kim just to be on the safe side.

Watch the whole affair unfold below…

…oh, and if you’re wondering why Nicola is conducting the entire argument with her hand over one eye, it’s because she was halfway through taking out her contacts when it started, not because she can’t stand the sight of Kim…

It looks as if Woodburn was only removed from the house temporarily and should be back on the show tonight. So brace yourselves…


Celebrity Big Brother is at 9pm on Channel 5