Love Island 2016: meet Scott Thomas

The new Love Islander dishes on the advice he got from last year's contestant Jon Clark and what his Coronation Street and Emmerdale starring brothers make of him joining the show...


Name: Scott Thomas


Age: 27

Lives: Manchester

Job: Club promoter

Claim to fame: His brother Ryan plays Jason Grimshaw in Coronation Street and Adam is in Emmerdale as Adam Barton. Plus the club promoter has had dalliances with Hollyoaks cast mates, but he won’t name names.

Love Island fears: Scott didn’t watch from the beginning so “doesn’t know how it started”, which is putting him a bit on edge. “I like to be liked by everyone. It’s important for my job. I hope I don’t f*** it up. I won’t deal with it well if I do. But I think because it’s day-to-day I think you can turn it around if you make a mistake. I’m the first one to say sorry, too.”

Love Island claim to fame: He knows both Josh Ritchie and Jon Clark from last year’s series. “They told me about the experience. Everyone that went in there said it was an unbelievable experience.” Although they said parts of it were toughed he admitted: “Stuff like not knowing the time. The little things just play with your minds. I think it’s all about breaking you down psychologically. But apart from that they think I’m just going to be brilliant in there.”

“Jon’s a good lad to be fair. When I rang him up and asked him for advice he sent me a five minute voice note instead of ringing me back. I was like, what the f***? I was sat there for five minutes. He’s f***ing hilarious. Why not just ring me? It’s like he don’t like speaking on the phone.”

Why Love Island? “I always get approached for reality shows. My name gets put forward because I throw parties in the city. I’m a bit of a character/ I’ve got a bit of an alter ego ‘The Scotty Special’. I’m a bit of a lunatic with it, I get chucked out of my own parties… I’ve got a bit of a big personality. I never felt that time was right, really. I’ve just been doing a three month body transformation thing, I was off the drink for nine weeks, I was focussed, so when I got approached for this I thought the time is right. I’m a little bit older. I’ve been single for six years.”

Sex on TV? “One of my mates was in Big Brother years ago and he said he had a mad technique that he used in there that was sort of like a lean over, it was weird anyway… but he said he was having sex in there the whole time and no-one even knew.”

Any ex girlfriends that could turn up in the villa? “I was seeing a girl about a month ago, she’s a really cool girl to be fair. She got approached [to do the show] and I said to her ‘do it!’ I said listen, I’m going in there for the experience, if you want to do the show that’s cool with me. She said she wouldn’t do it. But you never know she might be lying to me.”

On the chance of re-kindling the romance he said it was possible but admitted he’s being “selfish” at the minute and wants to focussing on himself – hitting the gym, cutting out partying etc.

On how his brothers feel about him joining the show: “It’s been a big talking point. Over the years I’ve always been my brothers’ brothers. My brothers are like my best mates, but they’re a little cautious as they want to be taken seriously, especially now my brother’s leaving [Coronation Street]. You don’t really want the ‘Scotty Special’ ballooning on TV. One thing he said was be careful when you have a drink because that’s when I let myself down sometimes.

“They’re cool, I obviously wanted their permission. I wouldn’t have gone in without it. I couldn’t have had them judging me. They said listen, for what you are and who you are at the moment it sits well and might be really good for you. They’re supportive I just need to not let them down, really.

“I never felt like their brothers’ brother though – over the last few years I’ve created my own identity with my parties and events. So I think that’s why this year is a good time, I’m going in on my own right, rather than just their brother. I’ve never been jealous, especially my big brother, they’ve been amazing. Never made me feel that way, looked after us, took us everywhere. I’ve had an amazing life off the back of my brothers, I’ve got to where I am. I started my parties from them being my brothers.

“I’ve always been drawn to TV but I’m not a very good actor, that’s the problem! I joined a modelling agency and they started putting me into acting auditions and I was awful. I was so bad. I’ve always been drawn to it, I always have. I can’t lie about that. I don’t know what it is that draws me to it. But I just think people always have said you belong on TV!”

On his ideal girl: I’m into the girl next door like Rachel McAdams from The Notebook.


Love Island starts Monday 30th May at 9:00pm on ITV2 and continues nightly