Meet the cast of Tripped

The dimension-hopping comedy feature a few actors you might recognise


Tripped, E4’s new science-fiction comedy, sees two young men transported to parallel worlds and faced with alternate versions of themselves – but they won’t be the only ones to see a few familiar faces throughout their adventures… Find out who’s who below.


Blake Harrison is Danny

Best known for his role as the idiotic Neil in E4 sitcom-turned-movie juggernaut The Inbetweeners, Harrison is soon to play an even more iconic dimwit for the silver screen – Dad’s Army’s Private Pike

Harrison has also starred in The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, Him & Her, Way to Go and as the voice of Scoop in Bob the Builder, but the parallel universe-exploring Danny in Tripped is his first foray into sci-fi.

Blake on Danny
“Danny is a guy that has kind of started piecing his life together. He’s on a path that I think a lot of people would like to be on, he’s found a woman that he loves. 

“I’ve always grown up watching Marvel and DC Cartoons and that kind of stuff, and reading comics, so the whole multiverse thing is something I’m quite familiar with. I’ve always wondered if there are lots of other worlds and other mes, and if some of them have chosen completely different paths. All that kind of stuff.”

George Webster is Milo

Relative newcomer Webster hasn’t been seen much on screen before, having popped up previously for a small role in comedy drama Babylon and a few short films including Blood Moon, Blind Date and The Brighton Mob. 

George on Milo
“When we meet Milo he’s a sort of lay-about stoner, stays at home, hasn’t got any friends, no job. He’s living in his Gran’s old house. You get the picture here, things aren’t going too well for him.

“Milo’s journey is about that transition from seeing himself as a bum. The second reality we go to, he’s a rock star in that world; he sees it, and is like, ‘Oh right – maybe I’m not as useless as everyone has told me I am.”

Georgina Campbell is Kate

Rising star Campbell was a surprise winner of the Best Actress Bafta this year for her turn in harrowing BBC3 drama Murdered by My Boyfriend.

Before her Bafta victory, her most high profile roles were in series like The Dumping Ground, Brotherhood, Holby City and Death in Paradise, and she now stars in Sky1 comedy After Hours. In the future, Campbell is set to appear in TV mini-series One of Us and feature film Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur.

Georgina on Kate
“Milo and Danny have their original versions that travel throughout the whole series – whereas Kate gets left behind. So in every single parallel universe they meet a new Kate. So it’s kind of hard to define who Kate is, because she’s constantly changing.

“There’s Band Manager Kate (above) who’s kind of a rock chick and really cool and in control. Then there’s Kate the Warrior, from the war world, who, again, is very cool and in control. There’s a Kate who’s obsessed with yoga and is a jewellery maker. It’s hard to pinpoint.”

Richard Gadd is Callum

The actor behind dimension skipping villain Callum is better known for his twisted take on stand-up comedy, which has won him plaudits for shows performed at the Edinburgh Fringe (including Breaking Gadd and Waiting for Gaddot). Before Tripped, he also appeared in BBC1 Scotland comedy Scot Squad.

Jamie Demetriou is Paul

Danny’s self-styled best mate in Tripped is a stand-up comedian and small-screen comedy veteran, previously turning up in SunTrap, Together, Toast of London, Friday Night Dinner, Siblings, Scrotal Recall, Uncle, Rev, Cockroaches and many more.

Tony Gardner is Henry

Many people will know Gardner for his recent roles in Last Tango in Halifax, Fresh Meat, The Thick of It and Bluestone 42, though a whole generation of children first encountered him as extraterrestrial Brian in My Parents Are Aliens. The perfect man to play Danny’s distant father in Tripped, then.

Phillip Rhys is Pete

Rhys has been a regular face in American TV series like CSI, Glee, Warehouse 13, Bones, NCIS, 24, Nip/Tuck and Shark. Still, he’s sure to become better known to UK audiences after he appears as one of River Song’s squad (Ramone, above) in the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas special.


Tripped begins on E4 tonight (Tuesday 8th December) 10.00pm