11 life lessons learned from Roald Dahl stories

"There’s nothin’ you can get from a book that you can’t get from a television fastah!” and more words of (questionable) wisdom from the world of Roald Dahl as The BFG gets a new movie makeover

Roald Dahl’s The BFG (big friendly giant) is getting a new movie makeover thanks to director Steven Spielberg. It’s to be a live-action remake of the story of a friendly dream-catching giant and little Sophie. 


It’s a heart-warming tale of trust, friendship and not judging people by their appearances. As such, here’s some other (at times questionable) life lessons learned from the stories of author Roald Dahl…

Some trouser lengths really are just impossible to find. Just ask the BFG.

Steal a slice of cake and you’ll be given the whole cake. Bruce Bogtrotter learned that the (hard?) way in Matilda.

Serving up worm spaghetti to your husband isn’t a prank too far according to The Twits.

Pic via YouTube animation of the The Twits by the children of Ysgol Morfa Rhianedd, Llandudno.

Squirrels are great judges of character. Spoilt brats will be chucked down the garbage chute as Charlie and the Chocolate Factor’s Veruca Salt found out.

The ingredients needed for ‘pay back’ medicine includes vitamin-enriched face cream, nail varnish, five hundred horse pills, anti-freeze, brown paint and flea powder as told by George’s Marvellous Medicine. Not one to actually try, mind.

Pic via BBC

Sawdust in a car’s engine quiets the gears and “lets the motor run sweat as a nut” – a lesson in second-hand car sales from Matilda’s dad Harry Wormwood.

You shouldn’t “gobblefunk around with words” so says the BFG. 

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like, as long as somebody loves you, teaches The Witches.

Although, anyone around you may be a witch: “She might even be your lovely school-teacher. It is most unlikely. But–here comes the big “but”–not impossible.” 

It’s only necessary to wash your face once a week… “How often do all these hairy-faced men wash their faces? It is only once a week, like us, on Sunday nights?” via The Twits

“There’s nothin’ you can get from a book that you can’t get from a television fastah!” more insights from Harry Wormwood.