If TV and film stars did The Great British Bake Off

From Friends to Breaking Bad, which type of baker would our favourite stars of the screen be?

The optimist 


You know the one – you spend the whole show shouting at them because they’ve got it wrong, and Paul Hollywood’s pretty much told them they’re getting it wrong by doing his whole “It’s not the way I would have done it” bit but they carry on regardless. Yes, enter Rachel Green from Friends…

The reckless rule breaker

Because, “Oh, I’m sure it will be OK” apparently never works in the kitchen and Paul Hollywood will do that thing where he stops Mary Berry from even eating it. Bridget Jones and her blue soup would probably suffer that cruel fate. Click here to see the clip. 

The consistent baker

OK, so a chocolate croissant might not be the fanciest thing on the menu but get a good bake, no soggyness in sight (even when Paul does his scrape-the-bottom test) and you’re bound to impress Paul and Mary. Meryl Streep’s Jane Adler from It’s Complicated fits the bill…

The flavour lover

Forget hidden squirrels and hot air balloons (sorry Frances), it’s the flavours that’ll grab the judges by their Bake Off nuts (don’t ask). Look, even the rat has got the right idea… 

All style no substance

After all, you don’t want to go the other way, get all fancy with the decoration, but actually be serving up something amateur. Although, who doesn’t love their bacon in the shape of their age like Breaking Bad’s Walter White?

The immodest baker

It’s hard, but when they’re so confident with their “could my bake BE any better…” ways, you can’t help but collectively think… please let it BURN. Enter Letters to Juliet’s Victor.

The multi-talented baker 

Hollywood and Bezza would love a good sing-along after a bake wouldn’t they? You know hosts Mel and Sue would. Here’s Anna Kendrick in Pitch Perfect giving us a tune after a bit of rolling pin action:

The baking innuendo lover

It is just us, or does it seem that once Bake Off starts even the most innocent of sentences sounds rude? It must be the air in the tent. Chocolat’s Caroline Clairmont would fit right in. 

The chaotic chef

Defrost a turkey in the tumble drier? Well, when you’re on a four hour show stopper challenge deadline, you’ve got to get creative* à la New Girl…

*Don’t ever do that. Ever.  

The Great British Bake Off continues Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC2