FAQ: Why have you changed the site? What was wrong with the old one?

Explaining the need for a new site

The old Radio Times website was one of the first TV listing sites and originally launched back in 1997. It was refreshed about six years ago but was still built on some quite dated technology, and it took a lot of effort for our web editors to keep the site up to date. It was also firmly based on broadcast listings and didn’t allow us to easily recommend on-demand programmes available in places like BBC iPlayer – something our users now expect of us.

The platform itself was built in such a way that made it hard for us to produce things like mobile apps quickly and integrate with Smart TVs – something we know will become increasingly important but hadn’t been considered all those years ago. 
Since RadioTimes.com is funded by advertising revenue we also needed to give the site a facelift to make it more effective for our advertisers and allow us to continue to invest in and improve the service.

For all these reasons we decided that maintaining the current site wasn’t an option and that we needed to rebuild it from the ground up. The new site is the first step on the road to the new digital Radio Times.

We recognise that many of our users feel comfortable with the old site and that changing a tool you use regularly is disruptive but we believe that ultimately these changes will make Radio Times the most useful and trusted guide to TV, film and radio around.