Rob Curry (2012)

12A Certificate


Our Score
When a movie about urban youth is located in south London, it is too often a bleak tale about teen alienation, drugs and violence. It's refreshing, then, that this inspiring film has something positive to say about youngsters from the area. The focus here is on a multiracial group of 17 young people as they workshop Shakespeare's Tempest in and around their home patch. Switching between performance and rehearsal, the documentary - which is mercifully free of explanatory narration - allows the teenagers to provide the commentary on their lives, their interest in drama and their hopes for the future. Their down-to-earth insights into the play and its contemporary relevance are invigorating and provide a much-needed reminder that investment in the young remains as important now as it's ever been. Government ministers take note.

Cast & Crew

Prospero Zephryn Taitte
Miranda Paris Campbell
Ariel Liz Francis
Ariel Jennifer Twomey
Ariel Chloe Reader
Ariel Felina Tramonti
Ariel Charlotte Russell
Ariel Maeve Burke
Ariel Rosanna Mallinson
Caliban Emily Wallis
Caliban Roy A Weise
Antonio Charlotte Gallagher
Director Rob Curry
Director Anthony Fletcher
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Other Information

Language: EnglishColourTheatrical distributor: Fifth Column FilmsGuidance: Contains swearing.Released on: 2 Nov 2012