Professor T is returning to ITV for its third outing, with Ben Miller once again reprising his role as the eponymous Cambridge academic – who we meet behind bars at the beginning of the latest instalment (more on that later).


"It's just about the worst environment he could possibly find himself in," Miller told "First of all, he's germaphobic, and the whole of the prison is pretty unhygienic. I think he struggles with that. He really doesn't like the food, he finds it really difficult sharing a cell with someone.

"And then, on the flip side, he's surrounded by criminals and he's lived all his life in academia, really, and he's fascinated by criminality. He's a criminology professor, so it's also like being a butterfly collector locked in a butterfly house. It's one of the most fascinating places he could possibly be, so he's really pulled in two directions."

Miller added: "He's sort of uniquely equipped to navigate his way through prison, funnily enough, because of his understanding of criminals, to a certain extent. But he's also too much of an oddball not to get himself in some hot water every now and again."

And in exciting news, the crime drama also been renewed for season 4.

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"There's nothing out there quite like Professor T, with its unique mix of complex crimes and captivating characters, all set against the beautiful backdrop of Cambridge; the central enigma being the Professor himself… a mystery I hope to investigate for many seasons to come!" said Miller.

But back to the present. What's in store for Jasper in Professor T season 3? Read on for everything you need to know.

Professor T season 3 release date: When will it air?

Season 3 debuts on ITV1 at 9pm on Wednesday 27th March.

There are six episodes in total.

Professor T season 3 cast: Who's returning?

Emma Naomi as Lisa Donckers and Barney White as Dan Winters.
Emma Naomi as Lisa Donckers and Barney White as Dan Winters. ITV

The main cast is as follows:

  • Ben Miller as Professor Tempest
  • Frances de la Tour as Adelaide Tempest
  • Emma Naomi as DS Lisa Donckers
  • Barney White as DS Dan Winter
  • Juliet Aubrey as DCI Christina Brand
  • Juliet Stevenson as Dr Helena Goldberg
  • Andy Gathergood as Paul Rabbit
  • Douglas Reith as The Dean
  • Sarah Woodward as Ingrid Snares
  • Sunetra Sarker as DCI Maiya Goswami

And expect plenty of guest stars, also.

Professor T season 3 plot: What will happen?

Ben Miller as Professor T, wearing a blue suit
Ben Miller as Professor T. ITV

Professor T is in prison at the beginning of season 3 after he tried to "defend his old flame DCI Christina Brand" at the end of season 2.

"Both their careers are on the line, and both have momentous decisions to make," reads the official synopsis. "Will Christina allow Jasper to incriminate himself to save her career, or will her conscience and the formidable duo of his mother Adelaide and his therapist Dr Helena get the better of her?"

This season will also "reveal what happened the night a young Jasper found his father hanging".

The synopsis continues: "How involved was his mother Adelaide and what did she really know about her husband's death? With the help of his therapist, Jasper finally manages to piece together his memories of the events despite Adelaide and the Dean's attempts to shield him from the devastating truth."

Elsewhere, Lisa Donckers has been promoted, and her relationship with fellow detective Dan Winter "finally gets on track, but a tragic turn of events will blow them apart".

And there's a new boss in town, DCI Maiya Goswami, who adopts an "abrasive and direct" management style.

Professor T season 3 debuts on ITV1 at 9pm on Wednesday 27th March. Check out more of our Drama coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what else is on.


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