Everyone’s home broadband has been put under extra strain over the last year. With millions of people across the UK still working from home – or just passing the time with a lot more binge-watching than usual – it’s been a hugely frustrating time for many broadband users.


A lot of people aren’t necessarily looking for lightning-fast connection speeds but rather a bit of reliability in their home broadband: basically, an assurance that it won’t cut out during those all-important video work calls. (Or the WandaVision finale. We’re not judging.)

And it’s presumably for this reason that Vodafone has launched a whole new broadband service today. Vodafone Pro is aimed at busy households where there are many devices in use at any one time. So what do you get with Pro, and how does it differ from standard Vodafone broadband?

Vodafone Pro promises to keep you connected in every room

With a Pro broadband package, you won’t only receive a Wi-Fi router, but a number of boosters, too. These, you can set up in bedrooms or other black spots to avoid the usual upstairs/downstairs Wi-Fi issues.

Better still, you also get a dongle in your package that plugs straight into the router. This means that if your Wi-Fi connection cuts out, you’ll automatically be transferred onto Vodafone’s 4G network. That means, in principle, it’s impossible to be without an internet connection with Vodafone Pro.

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On top of this, you’ll also have a direct line to Vodafone’s team of ‘Xpert’ engineers, who will actively monitor and troubleshoot your connection.

But here’s the icing on the cake. If you don’t get Wi-Fi in every room in the house, Vodafone will let you leave the contract absolutely free of charge. This will be music to the ears of anyone who’s gone through the experience of trying to leave a broadband contract earlier, typically a labyrinthine and costly process.

Vodafone Pro deals

We’ve laid out the different Pro packages below – you’ll need to enter your postcode to confirm if these various options are available to you. What differentiates the Xtra packages is that they come with Apple 4K TV and unlimited line rental.

If you're not sure which of the two connection speeds is right for your household, make sure you read our what broadband speed do I need explainer.

Anybody who’s up-to-speed with the latest broadband prices will see there are plenty of cheaper packages out there – but Vodafone isn’t positioning this as a budget package. Pro is clearly about offering consumers stress-free broadband. And in these fractious times of ours, we’ll get behind that.


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