Believe it or not, it's been 10 years since the original iPad debuted - and the tablet market it kickstarted has come a long way since then.


There's now an entire family of inter-connected Apple tablets, with the iPad Mini, Air, and Pro editions getting all the attention in recent years.

The standard iPad model has been a bit neglected when it comes to new models and generational updates - until now. As the iconic tech celebrates a decade, here's what to expect from the new iPad 8.

How to preorder the iPad 8

The brand new iPad 8 was available to pre-order from 15th September following the Apple Event launch and is now available to buy from a number of retailers, although it is selling out:

iPad 8 price: What does iPad 8 cost?

The iPad 7 launched at £329.

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When is the iPad 8's release date?

The iPad 8 was unveiled at the ‘Time Flies’ Apple Event on 15th September 2020 at 6pm UK time. There was also information on the Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch 6. There were rumours of Apple AirTags and AirPods 3 but these are yet to materialise.

The new tablet is available to order from 15th September, for availability from 18th September from Apple.

iPad 8 specs: What will be the iPad 8 features?

The main updates in the iPad 8 were the new A12 bionic chip for powerful performance and the advanced Apple Pencil capabilities.

In terms of performance, the new iPad 8 boasts:

  • 40% faster CPU
  • 2 times jump in graphics for high res content and immersive gaming
  • Great cameras
  • All day battery life
  • Real time sports tracking, e.g. ball position and speed
  • Works with full size keyboards and Apple Pencil
  • 10.2 inch retina display

What are the iPad 8 Apple Pencil updates?

With the new IOS 14 update (available from 16th September and automatically on all the new systems) the Apple Pencil can offer a range of more realistic features which blur the boundaries between hand-writing and typed text and promises to allow users to get work done anywhere.

The features include:

  • Advanced and recognised hand-writing onto the screen
  • Shape recognition to automatically guess the shapes and correct as you draw
  • Can recognise the difference between shapes and text to select only what you want
  • Can edit typed text with pen, scribbling out and writing in by hand like written notes but it will appear as typed text to match

iPad 8 design: What will be the iPad 8 design and colours?

iPad (Getty, EH)
iPad (Getty, EH)

Again the iPad 8 won't be seeing a drastic redesign - the change will be a further slimming down of the bezels, with a screen size of 10.2 inches again.

Expect the same silver, space grey, and gold choices that the iPad 7 had.

iPad IOS: which software will the iPad 8 use?

The iPad 8 will work on iPad IOS 14, which adds widget redesign, app clips and privacy enhancements.

Should I buy the iPad 7 or wait for the iPad 8?

If you would like to buy an iPad 7 you can:

However, the iPad 8 has improved features such as a bigger screen and faster performance. Alternatively, the iPad 7 will see a price drop once its successor is released.


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