Now that F1 22 is available, players with virtual reality headsets will be keen to know if VR is supported by the new Formula One game. After all, fans have been asking for this feature for years.


Given that racing games often have brilliant graphics, and a cockpit viewpoint that puts you right in the driver's perspective, virtual reality works particularly well with games of this ilk.

Codemasters, the developers of F1 22, previously worked with external partners to bring Dirt Rally 2.0 into virtual reality, which does provide something of a clue as to how things will turn out this time.

So, if you're wondering whether F1 22 has VR capabilities (and if so, which headsets are able to run it), keep on reading and we'll run through all of the key details.

Does F1 22 have VR on PC?

Yes, F1 22 does have a VR option on PC.

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The game's senior creative director, Lee Mather, said this to on the matter: "We know how loudly the fans have called for VR for a number of years. As you know about the scale of the game. But the opportunity came up in a similar vein to cross-play that we could partner with somebody externally."

He added: "That resource became available to us, they had time in their schedule to work with us. They’ve worked with us previously on other Codemasters games doing VR. So it was the perfect opportunity to finally push it into a Formula 1 game."

Which VR headsets work with F1 22?

In terms of PC VR headsets, we know that F1 22 will be compatible with the Valve Index, the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift - that's according to the game's official Steam page, which seems like a pretty trustworthy source.

As you can see at the links in that previous paragraph, all of those are fairly expensive options. It's worth noting that the more affordable Meta Quest 2 also works with F1 22 (as long as you also have the Link Cable, sold separately, which makes Steam categorise it as a Rift headset).

The Meta Quest 2 headset costs £299 at Amazon right now, but it's worth noting that you will need to buy its link cable separately (RRP £89) to make it work with F1 22. Embracing VR isn't particularly cheap, but it's definitely a great way to play racing games.

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Does F1 22 work with PSVR?

No, the VR portion of F1 22 will not be compatible with Sony's PSVR at launch. You can't get the game in VR on PS4 or PS5.

Given that a high-end PSVR 2 headset is in the works, Gaming Bolt asked the developers of F1 22 if the game could come to a PlayStation VR platform at some point in the future.

Mather told them: "Unfortunately there are no immediate plans [for F1 22 on PSVR], but we never say never."

If you're wondering how F1 22 looks in VR, check out the official clip below!

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