PS5 VR headset announced with new controller and major upgrades

The PS5 VR headset will not have a 2021 release date, but Sony is already talking up its upgraded features and new controller.

PS5 VR headset price release date

Sony has confirmed that a brand-new PS5 VR headset is in the works, with an official blog post from the company revealing plans for “the next generation of VR on PlayStation”.


Rumours of a new PSVR headset have been brewing for some time, which is no surprise considering that the original PlayStation VR system launched over four years ago as an accessory to the PS4. And with PS5 stock issues gobbling up headlines recently, it’s clear that Sony’s iconic console brand is just as popular as ever.

And now, three months on from the initial PS5 release date, Sony has made it clear that a PS5 VR headset is very much on the company’s to-do list. This is exciting news for fans, although it will be slightly frustrating for anyone who recently bought the original PSVR with Sony’s widely-advertised ‘Mega Pack‘ bundle.

It’s easy to put those qualms aside, though, because the new PS5 VR headset certainly has a lot going for it.

When is the PS5 VR headset release date?

PSVR headset
The current PSVR headset in action.

Although an official PS5 VR release date was not confirmed in the announcement, Sony did say, “There’s still a lot of development underway for our new VR system, so it won’t be launching in 2021.”

How much is the PS5 VR headset price?

There was no mention of a PS5 VR headset price in the announcement, but we can look at Sony’s past form in search of clues. The PS4’s VR headset was recently sold in a ‘Mega Pack‘ bundle, with four games, at a price of £299.99. So perhaps we’ll see the PS5 VR headset sold at a similar price.

What new features does the PS5 VR headset have?

PSVR headset and Move controllers
The PSVR headset and its Move controllers.

Sony’s Senior Vice President, Hideaki Nishino, announced in the blog post that players “will feel an even greater sense of presence and become even more immersed in their game worlds once they put on the new headset.

“We’re continuing to innovate with our new VR system so that our fans can continue to enjoy the unique experiences that are synonymous with PlayStation. We’re taking what we’ve learned since launching PS VR on PS4 to develop a next-gen VR system that enhances everything from resolution and field of view to tracking and input.”

And for anyone that has fiddled around with the multitude of cables that came with the PS4-era VR headset, there was one piece of particularly great news: “[The new headset] will connect to PS5 with a single cord to simplify setup and improve ease-of-use, while enabling a high-fidelity visual experience.”

Will there be a new PSVR controller?

Yes! The wand-like PlayStation Move controllers, from the PS4 era, were not universally beloved, so it’s nice to learn that Sony is working on overhauling its VR-based controller tech.

The blog post stressed that new controller “will incorporate some of the key features found in the DualSense wireless controller, along with a focus on great ergonomics.”

The PS5’s DualSense controller, name-dropped just there, was praised throughout the industry for adding adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, a built-in microphone, and a handful of other features that made it more interactive and engaging than the PS4’s DualShock 4 controller.

Will there be new PSVR games for PS5?

Astro Bot: Rescue Mission
Astro Bot: Rescue Mission could be the very best PSVR game.

Although there weren’t any new PSVR games announced in the blog post, it seems clear that Sony hasn’t forgotten one of gaming’s golden rules – a platform is only as good as the experiences you can have on it.

Reflecting on what Sony has already achieved in VR, the blog post mentioned, “we’ve seen tremendous experiences that have propelled virtual reality gaming forward, including highly acclaimed titles like Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, Tetris Effect, Blood & Truth, Moss, Beat Saber, and Resident Evil 7 biohazard.”

Looking ahead to the PS5 era of PSVR, one thing we’d love to see is a full sequel to Astro Bot: Rescue Mission. The first game’s hero, Astro, has already become something of a mascot for PlayStation as a brand, with a fun demo called Astro’s Playroom coming free with every PS5 console.

Of course, Sony will announce more details about the PS5 VR headset and its games when it’s ready to so. Watch this space, folks!

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