Now that the F1 22 game release date is so close, Formula One fans are starting to wonder about whether the game will have crossplay or cross-gen multiplayer.


Crossplay, if you were wondering, is a form of online multiplayer where players on all systems (that would be Xbox, PlayStation and PC in this case) are able to play against each other online.

Cross-gen, on the other hand, refers to gameplay that spans the console generations. For example, a cross-gen experience would involve players on PS4 and PS5 (or Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S) being able to play online together.

So, does the soon-to-launch F1 22 game have these much-loved features? Keep on reading to find out. Plus, check out our piece on the F1 22 track list if you haven't already.

Will F1 22 have crossplay?

Yes, F1 22 will have crossplay, but it's worth noting that this cross-platform play will not be available until some time after the initial launch.

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The game's senior creative director, Lee Mather, told the reason for this delay in crossplay going live.

"The team we've partnered with to do the crossplay work were located in Ukraine," Lee explained.

"So something that we could never foresee, unfortunately, meant that that's going to take a little bit longer than expected."

An exact date for the crossplay activation has not been confirmed. But when that day comes, players of F1 22 will be able to freely race each other across PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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Will F1 22 have cross-gen play?

Yes, F1 22 will have cross-gen multiplayer, and it sounds like this will be working from day one.

An FAQ page on the game's official website promises, "You will be able to match up with other players on the same console family in online sessions.

"Players on the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 versions of F1 22 will be able to match up and play against each other.

"Similarly, players on the Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S versions of F1 22 will be able to match up and play against each other."

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