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Amazon's Security Drone release date speculation and Always Home Cam features

The future of home security is nearly here...

amazon security drone
Published: Friday, 25th September 2020 at 2:38 pm

Well, this certainly feels like the future. Amazon, who have long had a love of drones and have even been experimenting with having them deliver your packages to your door, is taking it one step further by creating one that is designed to keep your home safe.


The Home Security Ring (yes, Amazon has a Home Security Ring) has developed the device to protect your home and your belongings from intruders when you are out, and it will certainly be of interest to those of you who worry about your house when you're away.

Amazon has had several announcements lately with a new addition to the TV range, the Fire Stick TV Lite, also being announced.

But what exactly is the flying Ring security drone and how does it work?

When is Amazon's Always Home Cam released?

As for the release date, all we know so far is that it will be out at some point in 2021. By all accounts, the manufacturing process is well underway so we would imagine it will be early into next year, but we will update this page as soon as we learn more.

What is the Amazon Flying Ring Security Drone?

Simply put, it's a drone that specialises in security. But to be more specific, it will only work when you are out of the house and can only be used on one floor of your home- so your luck is in if you live in a bungalow. And to clarify, it is only for use in the home and will not circle the outside of the property - which is handy as that would be a little creepy.

You will be able to see what is happening at home via your smartphone which will show a live feed should anything happen and you will get an alert should a break-in occur. We are not sure how it will work if you have a dog that likes to chase things, however.

As per the President of the Ring, Leila Rouhi: "It only reports when it's in motion, and when it's not in motion it actually sits in a dock where it's physically blocked from even being able to report".

Always Home Cam price: How much will the drone cost?

amazon ring drone

As expected from a piece of kit this technical, the drone will not be cheap. That being said, we expected it to be higher than the $249 cost (so about £200 here in the UK) that it is rumoured to be priced at when it launches. We expect more details on pricing in the UK to be revealed soon.

Can I pre-order Amazon's drone?

The Flying Ring Security Drone is not available to pre-order yet, but Amazon is normally fairly quick to get new products ready to put in your basket.


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