Gamers miss Top Gear, recreate the show on GTA

Cheapr car challenge, supercar drag races – meet the virtual Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May

Clarkson, Hammond and May are hard at work on their Amazon replacement for Top Gear. Chris Evans starts filming his own Top Gear baby next week.


Both will take some time.

Fans of the show have come up with an impressive way to fill the gap, creating their own version of the show in video game GTA V.

Every YouTube episode revolves around a classic Top Gear challenge using cars found in the game, from charging round the city in old bangers to holding supercar drag races. Makers Hamypro even recreated the opening credits shot-for-shot.

It’s no match for Clarkson, but at least no one was harmed in the making of it… apart from the odd virtual bystander. This is GTA after all.

*Warning: some of the language would definitely not meet BBC guidelines.*