Minecon 2015: The best Minecraft versions of London landmarks

With the announcement that Minecon will come to Britain, here are some incredible remakes of the capital.

Calling all Creepers: Minecraft is coming to London. A blockbusting 10,000 fans are expected to attend the annual Minecon convention at the capital’s ExCel centre on 4th-5th July. As well as panels, contests and cosplay, they might even get a chance to travel in from the Docklands and see the city. Of course, they’ve been there before…


Tower Bridge

Despite appearances, Tower Bridge was built centuries after its neighbour the Tower of London. The White Tower was built in 1078, while the Bridge was only completed last year in Minecraft. Want to build your own mock Norman bridge? Just follow the 13 part series.

Big Ben

Yes yes, Big Ben is the bell, not the tower. Congratulations, you’ve read Wikipedia. But even Edward John Dent would be impressed by the workings of this Minecraft remake. It even keeps time and chimes. Amazing, but what would it look like if it were made of TNT?

Palace of Westminster

But what about the rest of it? Along with the Pompidou Centre in Paris, Charles Barry’s parliament might be the most over detailed building in the world. The gothic style is so intricate, it looks like he got drunk and stuck Airfix models to the side. Yet every nook, cranny and chamber is right here, represented in blocks.

St Paul’s

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfoYzvVaD4o Christopher Wren’s masterpiece remains the defining London landmark, even as its place on the skyline has been taken over by glass towers. Its dome (actually two domes, one inside the other) has been an enduring symbol of the city through peace and wartime, despite heavy bombing.

Whatever. This version was made by only two people!

Buckingham Palace


For our money, Buckingham Palace is back to front. The Western Façade is far more palatial than the grey backend that tourists photograph. Anyway, this rebuild gets points for including the courtyard, which we usually only see when a Prime Minister resigns. 

The London Eye

Did you know, the London Eye is the tallest cantilevered observation wheel in the world? Which presumably makes this the tallest cantilevered observation wheel in Minecraft. At least it didn’t fall into the Thames when they were erecting it.

The London Underground

Video games are great for escaping your soul-crushing every day life, full of disappointment and commuting. Oh look, a London tube train! Just like the one I ride every single day, my face ensconced in a stranger’s armpit.

The Pool of London

An interesting one this. The Tate gallery has commissioned Minecrafters to produce versions of paintings in their collection in an attempt to trick children into visiting.


A shipping scene with Tower Bridge in the background, The Pool of London was painted by André Derain in 1906. Itself an update to Monet’s Thames paintings, the Minecraft version includes a full city to explore, characters to meet and even a quest to complete. It’s like art, but not.