EastEnders: Karen Taylor in danger from sinister loan shark

Will ruthless Luke take drastic action?


Karen Taylor will be thrown into a panic on next week’s EastEnders when a loan shark by the name of Luke takes drastic action.


The upcoming drama sees Karen left frantic when she learns that sons Riley and Chatham have been collected from an after-school club by a stranger.

After realising that it’s the loan shark who has brought her kids home, Karen is shocked to find out that Luke has come to collect what he’s owed – with interest.


A desperate Karen then tries to raise money by trying to sell items in the pub. But the seriousness of the situation dawns on her when a sinister Luke looks to more sentimental items that he can take from the family…


By the end of the week, the situation has become so fraught that Karen has been left without electricity at the house.

And when Linda Carter notices that Karen is upset, she offers a shoulder to cry on before appealing to Mick to lend her the money she needs.

But with the Carters also struggling to raise cash to save the Vic, it seems that efforts to help Karen might not be so straightforward.

However, at the eleventh hour, along come Shirley and Joyce with a possible solution to Karen’s woes.  Will her prayers be answered?

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