What is going to happen to Hayley Slater’s baby on EastEnders?

Shock decisions define a turbulent week for the troubled character

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EastEnders‘ Hayley Slater, played by Katie Jarvis, plans to abandon her baby once she gives birth. In emotional scenes aired on Friday 26 October, the pregnant single parent-to-be sneaked out of the house and spoke to her bump, saying they won’t be able to live with the family once the little one arrives with the secret that cousin Kat Moon’s estranged husband Alfie is the baby’s father hanging over them.


What’s going to happen to Hayley Slater’s baby? Will it be adopted? Will she hand it over to Jean?

Not only that, Hayley also said: “And you won’t be living with me, either…” Does this mean she plans to put the baby up for adoption? Into care? Or perhaps hand it over to Jean to look after – or even Alfie and Kat?

Self-loathing Hayley’s pregnancy has been an emotional roller coaster, with the troubled girl feeling so worthless she doesn’t feel good enough to be a mother, compounded by the guilt of betraying Kat with her and Alfie’s one-night stand, which Jean is now aware of. It’s driven her to drink, endangering the child’s life, and pushed her to contemplate suicide.

What is Alfie going to do about the baby?

Panicking Alfie was in the know about the baby after Jean called him yesterday when Hayley thought she was going into labour, there was relief all round when it transpired Jean had not been able to get hold of Mr Moon, and still believes she went through with the abortion he gave her money for back in May.


Next week Hayley tries to flee Walford under cover of Halloween night when she goes into labour for real, but when the Slater cab breaks down she takes refuge and gives birth alone before collapsing. Kat and Keanu Taylor eventually find her and she and the newborn are rushed to hospital, but will they survive? And is the traumatic birth enough to change Hayley’s mind about giving the kid away? And when will Alfie’s much-teased return occur amidst all the drama?


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