The Apprentice 2017 episode 3 preview: Bitching and pitching rule in this week’s robot task

With Vitality having been in the firing line two weeks on the trot, will Graphene win for a third time running?

The Apprentice episode 3

There’s more bitching than pitching going on in what is arguably the best episode of The Apprentice so far.


In episode three, airing next Wednesday on BBC1, all of the candidates are given a rude awakening and are summoned to the new Design Museum in London to learn what this week’s task is.

The museum is home to “some of the world’s most influential creations and most groundbreaking tech”, yet unbelievably there’s not an Amstrad Emailer – or Amstrad Emailer Plus – in sight.

Anyway, half of the task this week involves the teams programming prototype robots and pitching them to retailers, and the other half sees them selecting a robotic toy to pitch to buyers with the aim of securing the most orders and the most profit.

The Apprentice episode 3

As Vitality and Graphene get to grips with the task, Siobhan Smith, who has so far failed to make many friends in the process, manages to isolate herself further and irritate pretty much everyone she’s working with, going so far as to claim one of her fellow candidates is an “old air bag”. Although, to be fair, she quickly corrects herself.

“Hot air bag I meant!” Oh, OK, that’s much better then.

One moment in the episode even causes Karren Brady to exclaim: “It’s all gone off in the most horrific way.” Crikey.

Anisa Topan is left feeling panicked after an “intense” experience with the girls in product development, Sarah Lynn berates a “miserable atmosphere” and Elizabeth McKenna has some brilliant advice for everyone. “I think it’s absolutely key that we all know what we’re doing at all times.”


There’s bad blood, last-minute changes and utter chaos reigning. But with the boys pitching a robot aimed at the over 60s, what will Lord Sugar and Claude Littner (who are both a bit, erm, north of 60) make of their rather patronising approach? Will the girls manage to overcome their differences to secure their third win in a row?

The Apprentice episode 3

And just what the heck is James doing?!

It’s also a vintage week for Sugar lumps as he gets in some nice lines about Ed Balls, incontinence pads and proudly proclaiming “I’m the Terminator”. But which of his remaining candidates won’t be back in the boardroom next week?


The Apprentice airs Wednesday 18th October at 9pm on BBC1.