Eve Myles on Broadchurch series two criticism: “we’re never going to please everybody”

The former Torchwood star says that negative reactions to the return of the ITV drama have been blown out of proportion

Broadchurch star Eve Myles has spoken out about criticism of the second series of the ITV drama, saying that the audience’s disapproval is being highlighted more than the many positive responses to the show.


“You’re going to get different views and different opinions on everything,” she told RadioTimes.com. “What makes me slightly unhappy is that some of the negative stuff is being highlighted more than the positives.”

The Welsh actress, who plays mysterious character Claire Ripley in the drama, added: “there’s an awful lot of positives out there. We’re having five and a half million people watching on the night – that’s without people watching catch-up or recording. And the feedback from the people who are loving it every week, that’s what I’m really happy about.”

Myles went on to consider why the second run of Chris Chibnall’s series, which follows the court case after the series one death of young Danny Latimer as well as an old case investigated by David Tennant’s Alec Hardy, has attracted more flak than the popular first series.

“We’re never going to please everybody,” she said. “The second series is notoriously difficult on everything for people, because people love the first series so much, and have their own expectations about what the second series should be.

“If it doesn’t come to that expectation, people don’t like it. And they’re entitled to that.”

She concluded: “The people who are tuning in every week, and are watching on catch-up, I’m really pleased you’re loving it. So yes, enjoy it on a Monday night – keep it as your event night and enjoy it. It’s not gonna last forever, we’ve only got four more episodes left!”

Myles, who is best known for her portrayal of Gwen Cooper in Torchwood, also described the pressure of joining the Broadchurch cast after the first series won critical acclaim as well as awards including Baftas for best drama series and for stars Olivia Colman and David Bradley.

“The anticipation was massive for Broadchurch two,” she said. “And being with the most fantastic cast, and coming into it as a newbie, is SO intimidating, and SO nerve-wracking.

“Watching it now, I see somebody with a gap in their teeth and a freckled face, and I’m looking at her and I think, she looks a lot like me – it CAN’T be me, I can’t be in the second series of Broadchurch!”


Broadchurch is on ITV tonight (Monday 2nd February) at 9.00pm