The Missing episode four: what happened to Ian Garrett?

SPOILERS: Tony Hughes knows that Ian Garrett has a connection to Vincent Bourg. So what happened to the shady developer during that eight year gap in The Missing?

“Guilt is like a cancer. You can treat the symptoms, but never the cause.”


With those words another secret in The Missing has been revealed: Ian Garrett has a connection to Vincent Bourg – and Tony Hughes knows.

The revelation came about after both Vincent and Ian said exactly the same thing to Tony in tonight’s episode of The Missing. That was enough to convince James Nesbitt’s character that, when it comes to the mysterious benefactor, all is not what it seems.

Bigger surprises were to follow however, when back in the present day Vincent Bourg learnt that Ian had actually been missing and presumed dead for eight years.

Now The Missing has not one but two missing characters. What happened?

Just so you’re completely up to speed, this is where we were left in episode four: Tony confronted Vincent again while he was fishing: “You’re guilty. I know it,” Tony told him.

Vincent’s response was enigmatic. “I’ve felt guilt all of my life. Someone once told me, his father said to him on his deathbed: ‘Guilt is like a cancer. You can treat the symptoms, but never the cause.’”

Later, we saw Tony in Ian’s flat asking for advice. He wanted to put pressure on the police to continue investigating Vincent, but Ian instead told him that he has a missing daughter of his own. “We’re not all that dissimilar you and me Tony,” he said. “Carrying around all that guilt for something that’s out of our control.

“I remember advice my old man gave me. He’d make some mistakes – other women, you know? Later on, on his deathbed he told me he regretted it. And he said, ‘Guilt is like a cancer. You can treat the symptoms, but never the cause.'”

Two different people; the exact same words. Tony spotted the link immediately, and went back to his wife to reveal his suspicions.

This had all been taking place back in 2006, but the very end of the episodes returned to the present day. Vincent was trying to find Ian – he wanted “to see an old friend” – but when he turned up at his offices there was one last surprise in store.

Ian was missing. He had been for eight years, and was officially declared dead last year.

Could Ian have made his escape after finding the investigation was getting too close to comfort? Does this prove his guilt?

Or is this what journalist Malik Suri keeps banging on about? Does Tony (or Emily for that matter) have something to do with his disappearance?


Four episodes in, and we are still no closer to finding Olly – but we are discovering much more about how the case has touched and transformed the lives of everyone involved.

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