New drama Fortitude comes to Sky Atlantic January 2015

Horror in the polar regions – a mysterious death causes panic and trauma among the residents of Fortitude in Sky Atlantic’s new murder mystery

Fortitude is Sky Atlantic’s most ambitious commission yet. Bringing original drama to British audiences, complete with international cast and grand scale, the series hits screens in the New Year and counts Academy Award nominee Stanley Tucci among its cast, as well as British greats Michael Gambon and Christopher Eccleston. 


Set in a small, idyllic town in the Arctic Circle, Fortitude examines the fallout when a close-knit community is rocked by a mysterious death among its population. The first violent crime ever to take place there, the murder lays bare the town’s darkest secrets.

Hinging on key characters including wildlife photographer Henry Tyson (Gambon) who has only weeks to live; town governor, Hildur Odegard (Sofie Grabol), whose plans to turn the town into a tourist hotspot are scuppered by the incident; and scientists Charlie Stoddart (Eccleston) and Vincent Rattray (Luke Treadaway), among others, events twist and turn as the investigation begins ­– and confusion reigns.

The strong ensemble cast brings intrigue and depth to this fascinating whodunit, which has echoes of Christopher Nolan’s cerebral thriller Insomnia – not least in the setting.

The stark, nightless days of summer make way for the cold, dark winter landscape – adding masses of atmosphere to the proceedings – as DCI Morton (Tucci) investigates alongside local police chief Sheriff Dan Anderssen (Richard Dormer). But with everyone coming under the finger of suspicion and  questionable behaviour left, right and centre, just who can they trust? Certainly not each other.


Simon Donald, writer of revenge-drama series Low Winter Sun starring Mark Strong, scripts this murder mystery tale of suspense, that’s brought into stark cinematic relief through stunning high definition. See it unfold on Sky Atlantic HD from January 2015.