EastEnders spoilers: Linda Carter’s mum Elaine arrives – first look pictures

Mick calls his mother-in-law after growing concerned about Linda's behaviour

The BBC has released new images that show the arrival at the Queen Vic of Maria Friedman as Linda Carter’s mum Elaine.


West End star Friedman will make her debut in the week beginning Monday 13 October when Mick (Danny Dyer) calls Elaine after he grows worried about Linda’s behaviour. Little does he realise, though, that his partner has suffered a horrific rape at the hands of Dean Wicks.

“One of the most heartbreaking elements of this story is what it does to Mick,” said Kellie Bright, who plays Linda. “He doesn’t know what’s wrong. He just knows that his wife isn’t the person that she used to be.”

When Elaine arrives, she tries to get her daughter to open up, but struggles to get through to her – can Linda tell the truth about what happened?

Speaking recently about Friedman’s arrival, executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins added: “Ever since Elaine became the voice on the end of the Queen Vic phone, we have been waiting to see just what kind of woman made Linda Carter.

“Elaine is tough, warm and capable – but also proud and more than a little vain, bringing with her a whole new dynamic when she arrives in Walford to sort out her daughter.


“Maria Friedman is a West End legend and we are all very excited to have someone of her pedigree playing Elaine Peacock.”