Benedict Cumberbatch reveals the secrets of being a super spy… by playing hide and seek

The Sherlock star was interviewed by 13-year-old JJ Totah about spying, fake moustaches and acting in Penguins of Madagascar


Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch is poised to play a super-spy wolf Agent Classified in upcoming flick Penguins of Madagascar. 


Although we all love an animated adventure (don’t pretend you don’t know all the words to Let it Go – or didn’t blub during Up) there’s no denying their target audience: kids.

So we guess it makes sense that 13-year-old actor JJ Totah was sent to talk to Cumberbatch about his latest role. I mean, we’d have done it if they’d asked, but we guess it makes sense…

The aim of the interview was to get Cumberbatch to reveal his spying secrets – “To perform well as a spy you have to know how to work undercover. It’s about stealth, it’s about being unseen” – but it really just turned into a quite rubbish game of hide and seek. 

We also found out that Cumberbatch doesn’t spy on people in real life. You know, just because he plays a very convincing spy in Penguins, doesn’t mean he uses those skills away from set – in case you were wondering… 

The interview, posted on Parade, is part of DreamWorks Animation’s new YouTube series The DreamWorks Download.


Penguins of Madagascar is in UK cinemas 5th December