Coronation Street spoilers: Owen and Anna to face bankruptcy, reveals actress Debbie Rush

The family faces financial ruin - and a visit from the bailiffs - during scenes to be shown next week

The Windass/Armstrong family is to face financial ruin next week after Owen (Ian Puleston-Davies receives a summons for a bankruptcy hearing. But worse humiliation is to come when Faye (Ellie Leach) unwittingly lets the bailiffs into No 6. Anna watches on in horror as her possessions are taken, but still has the pride to refuse Sally’s (Sally Dynevor) offer of help. Later in the week, though, Anna realises that – in order to feed her family – she must seek sustenance at the local food bank. So, can Anna find a way out of her current mess? Actress Debbie Rush reveals that there’s still long way to go… 


Does Anna feel that life is currently unravelling for her and the Windass/Armstrong clan?
Yes she does. She feels as though nothing will ever feel the same again. Anna feels completely lost and just doesn’t know what to think about her life or where to go from here.

Do you think that Izzy and Gary’s split inspires Anna and Owen to get back together?
Not specifically, no. Anna and Owen’s relationship is very different to Gary and Izzy’s. Against all the odds, Anna and Owen will always be completely and utterly in love with each other. Whatever happens between them, they’ll always be drawn to one another.

Has Anna forgiven Owen for the way he reacted after he found out about her and Phelan?
When we see the bailiffs tip up on the Street, Anna realises just how broken Owen is and it breaks her heart. When she sees how broken he is, that’s when she realises how much she loves him and wants to carry on supporting him.

Is Anna recovering in the wake of the Phelan trauma?
I don’t think Anna will ever fully get over what happened with Phelan and what she had to sacrifice to save her family. In a way, she deeply regrets what she did. But she knows she had to do what she could – and she’d do whatever it took again in order to save her family. 

So is she determined to stick with Owen?
Absolutely. Once they both admit how much they love and need one another Anna is more determined than ever to stick by him and help him through it. That’s who Anna is – she would go to the ends of the earth for her family and for Owen, even when they weren’t together, she would have done anything for him.

How are they feeling about the prospect of bankruptcy?
It seems to be one thing after another for the family at the minute, but I think Anna knows they’ll get through the other side if they all stick together. After everything that’s happened for Anna, this is one more thing they’re going to have to struggle to get through. Her main worry is keeping the house – she wants Faye to have as much stability as possible, so losing the house would devastate them.

Faye ends up letting the bailiffs in – should Anna have perhaps told Faye not to let anyone enter the house?
Owen’s warned Gary that they may be getting a visit from the bailiffs soon and that they need to really careful. Gary’s at home with Faye on the day the bailiffs turned up, but he nips to the corner shop. Faye’s only young and she’s thinking about other things when Gary tells her not to open the door – obviously, Anna’s been trying to keep the seriousness of what’s going on hidden from Faye, so I don’t think she understands how serious Gary’s warning is. Anna and Owen come home to find things being taken from the home and they are completely horrified. Anna’s devastated that Faye’s had to watch their home being taken apart.

So they just watch their possessions being taken?
There’s not much more that they can do. Gary tries to order them out, but they refuse to unless they get what they’re owed. Owen is deeply ashamed and Anna’s hurting so much for the whole family.

Why does Anna refuse help from Sally and Tim when they offer to have Faye stay for a while?
Anna and Owen are so proud and Anna’s extremely determined to keep everything together and keep Faye where she is. She doesn’t want to admit defeat and the last person she’d want to accept help from is Sally.

She’s obviously a very proud person – how does Anna face up to having to go to the food bank?
If the only way she can feed the family is by going to a food bank then so be it. Anna doesn’t want the rest of the family to know, though, as she knows it would break their heart that she’d had to go to such measures. So she deals with it on her own.

Does she worry about how these problems are affecting Faye?
Massively. With everything going on, it’s been impossible for Anna to keep as tight a rein on Faye as she usually would and, for once, she’s ever so slightly taken her eye off the ball. But once Anna and Owen are back together, Anna knows she has to pull rank and keep Faye sheltered from everything that’s going on as much as possible.


And what does the future hold for the Windasses?
They are far from being out of the woods yet and have a long way to go before they reach normality again. But I think now that Anna and Owen have reunited, they have much more of a chance of getting back to normal.