Soppy Simon, shunned Amanda and savvy viewers – what’s going on at Britain’s Got Talent?

Simon Cowell refuses Amanda Holden’s hand and asks David Walliams for a hug, while the good acts are actually going through - it's all gone a bit weird on BGT...


The Britain’s Got Talent 2014 semi-finals are now in full swing, with the final and the eventual crowning of the winner looming.


Will hot favourites (and Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer choice) Bars and Melody rap and sing their way to the title, or will someone else pip them to the post? A salsa-dancing granny perhaps?

Time will tell.

All very interesting, but there are some other intriguing goings-on that keep catching my eye too.

1. Why does Simon Cowell keep avoiding Amanda Holden’s hand when the judges walk out on stage?

We at home know the drill. The big booming music comes on and Simon, Amanda, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams walk out looking all glamorous, holding hands like one big happy family. Two nights in a row now, Cowell’s not done it and he’s breaking the chain. It looks odd. It instantly makes it look like there is a feud in camp BGT. Although, the judges are actually already in their seats when we see this bit on the telly – it’s pre-recorded – so he probably finds it amusing to sit and watch himself shun Holden’s dangling hand. 

2. Simon keeps looking to the left

Simon is, as ever, the voice of reason on the panel. Last night he called Ed Drewitt out for singing the same song as in his audition – and given that Ed is a bona fide song writer (he’s penned tracks for One Direction don’t ya know?) Simon had a point. He also buzzed the strange puppet act, and as much as everyone booed, most did have to eventually admit that comedian Ricky K’s original audition was better. But amid these initially unpopular opinions, Simon kept looking over to the left, as if seeking approval. Later on Britain’s Got More Talent (BGMT), it was revealed that his girlfriend Lauren Silverman had been there in the crowd. I like to think she was giving him the ‘don’t go there’ face if he was getting a bit too mean.

3. Amanda Holden has worn two very similar dresses

I’m no fashion expert, and I do think Amanda Holden has looked stunning both semi-final nights on BGT, but I’m just stumped by the similarity of her dresses. It obviously doesn’t matter. If she wants to wear white two nights in a row, go for it. But it just seems out of character. After all, her audition outfits leapt from leather pencil skirt to two-tone dresses and suits. Is Simon’s approach to fashion rubbing off on her? If you like something, buy it a hundred times. Especially if it’s a low-slung grey t-shirt or an unbuttoned white shirt, eh Simon?

4. Simon Cowell’s oversized baby gift for baby Walliams

Now, if I was to choose who had given whom a strange new baby gift, I’d have bet good money on it being Walliams to Cowell. But on last night’s BGMT, Simon admitted he’d bought an actual size toy elephant for David’s son. Actual size? “We couldn’t fit it in the house,” Walliams said, joking that it still had the label on so they took it back. Actual size? I’m sure it’s a joke. Almost sure…

5. Simon picks Alesha Dixon over Amanda Holden

Still on the baby chat – there seems to be a lot of that – Simon was asked by a caller on BGMT which panel member he’d choose to be baby Eric’s godparent. David could barely keep his shoulder in its socket as he thrust his hand high in the air. Nothing strange there. Yet, while Amanda has been alongside Simon on the BGT panel the longest, he said he’d have to choose who he was closest to and eventually went for Alesha. Odd, no? Especially given that hand-holding incident…

6. Simon asks David for a hug

Honestly, if you’re not watching BGMT, it’s a hive of activity and last night after David paid Simon a straight-up compliment (he said he was very generous with his time) Simon actually asked for a hug. He said he felt unsettled by the compliment and a hug would fix it. Is this the same Cowell we know and love to hate? When David accidentally fell to the floor, Simon started patting his head and calling him a good boy…

7. The voting public is getting it spot on

Voters are getting savvy as the years go on aren’t they? X Factor was won by Sam Bailey last year, easily the best singer on the show, and BGT is slowly filling its final up with top talent. I thought viewers were going to back David’s bonkers Golden Buzzer choice Christian all the way, just to annoy Simon and upset the applecart. But no. Christian and his half-naked umbrella wielding dancers were sent on their way. 

What will happen next? 


Britain’s Got Talent continues tonight at 7:30pm on ITV